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Hawksmoor on Monday


I’m off on Monday night for dinner at Hawksmoor. It’s a regular trip once or twice a year with two other wine lovers, although their knowledge and the quality of their wine collections are vastly superior to mine.

I need to pop into TWS showroom tomorrow to pick up something suitable for the occasion.

It needs to be red, Bordeaux or Burgundy, old and c £70-90 for the bottle.

Here is what we had the last couple of visits.


Something like this?


Wow that’s stiff competition, lots of bottle age there !
if it has to be french then difficult to beat @szaki1974 Pichon suggestion. however why not take them slightly off piste with this Muga beauty

otherwise most of the rest are either overpriced or too young.
you’d need to go well above your budget for this one, but it would be a show stopper

I’ll be at Hawksmoor Seven Dials at lunchtime with a bottle of Flaccianello in hand

buts its probably still too young


How about a bottle of JL Chave Hermitage 2015?


I have only had Torre Muga once, but it was great. It was the 2009… infanticide? Still have the 2004 Aro from that offer.


Cripes. That’s the good stuff…


Now available at £500 pounds on the table per bottle.



And not enough of it to go round, apparently! :wink:


Have to say I rarely bat higher than the Muga seleccion especial. But it did remind me I have one bottle of '98 Artadi grandes anadas in the cellar awaiting a special occasion or maybe a Hawksmoor lunch.


So I popped in to TWS showroom this morning and picked up a bottle of Domaine de Chevalier 2000 for just under £80. Looking forward to seeing what the others bring with them.



Now that’s a good choice. At a reasonable price

Interestingly not listed on TWS website. Let us know how it’s drinking.


I might have had a crack at the:
2000 Le Meal Hermitage (the Chave 2015 unavailable lol!) from Chapoutier.
£132 per bottle, so maybe slightly over budget.
In stock and should be drinking like a train.
Parker gave it 95 on release and Jeb Dunnuck 94 in 2015 with a really good write up and an opinion that it should hold at this peak for a decade.

Sorry, went off piste regarding the stated stipulations!


On the way home now after a great night. The Chevalier was lovely. Really good value for £80. The real treat though was the wine in the middle.


After 3 bottles between 3 of us, I was not ready last night to type a fuller review of the exceptional wines we had enjoyed. I am very lucky to have 2 wine loving friends that have some great wine that they enjoy bringing out for these dinners.

We started with the 2012 Chateau Smith Haut Lafite. If you think you don’t like Bordeaux white wine, then if you get the chance, try this.

It is mostly sauvignon blanc blended with sauvignon gris and semillon but the sauvignon blanc is blended in a way that it is a world away from a run of the mill SB. That astringent, pungent, grassy, cat’s pee style is nowhere to be seen in this wine. It is exceptional. Perfectly balanced acidity, full bodied and still fresh yet not cloying like a full bodied Burgundy can be. Incredibly long finish. Went beautifully with the smoked salmon or scallops that we had to start.

We then moved on to the Mouton Rotschild 1976. The first time I have even been close to a first growth. It had recently been given as a gift to one of my fellow diners. It had formed part of a large collection and the family were selling and giving some of it as gifts. I suspect this was gifted rather than sold due to the damaged label and 1976 not being the finest year, but we were not complaining!

With a wine this old, it was remarkably soft and smooth. tannins had pretty much disappeared, very perfumed and a joy to drink. I couldn’t help but ask though, could I notice any substantial difference between my first “first growth” and some of the other excellent lower classed growth wines I have enjoyed? Probably not. Certainly not enough for me to buy a first growth wine over say a Leoville Poyferre or Leoville Barton, both of which I have bought the 2016 vintage EP at about £60 per bottle.

The Chevalier was a joy. 2000 was a great year. We had it decanted upon arrival to allow it some time to develop before we drank it. Even when it was poured some time after decanting it still displayed some harshness and prevalent tannic structure when compared to the MR which is not surprising considering the age difference. However, with the extra time in the glass the wine really opened up and developed. Lots of tobacco and leather mixed with red fruits but not jammy. At just below £80 from TWS showroom (not available online) go grab a bottle while there are a few there if you want a special treat.


Tasting notes much appreciated.
On the subject of Hawksmoor, full marks to Seven dials branch. Lunch yesterday, Flaccianello 06 still very young, we ordered prime rib rare, but on arrival it clearly wasn’t even close to rare. Swiftly removed and replaced, not charged plus free coffee. Steak and service excellent.


Thanks for the wine notes.
I’m heading to Hawksmoor Air Street for my future son-in-law’s stag do at the end of August (I’m liking the best man’s style!). Sadly a Saturday, though, rather than a Monday, so no low corkage deals …