Have you ever played any wine-themed games?

It’s surprising how many people enjoy wine but often say ‘I don’t know anything about it’.
What’smywine is a refreshing and fun way to enhance the pleasure of wine and to learn about it at the same time.

I read the rules for the game and they looked good so have had a browse around the website…looks interesting… will explore further.’

Do beer themed games count?

Fizz-buzz (well, obviously). And then there is Cardinal Puff - dangerous to the extreme mainly when remembering the rules is the main problem. Bar diving is more of a physical game, especially as it becomes less of a contact sport as the evening degenerates.

Limbo dancing under a horizontal pole whilst carrying full glasses of prosecco - more of a ladies sport, however, again highly dangerous. Substituting flaming sambucco has been banned under international treaties.

How could I forget (ok… maybe it’s best that one does) the traditional yard of ale. And there are several pubs near TWS Stevenage who have a have a yard hanging behind the bar. Perhaps it’s a Hertfordshire thing?

I miss pubs…

I did a yard of ale in North Wales once.

I also miss pubs. These two facts are entirely unrelated!

Maybe yards of wine are…?