Have peoples Claret or French Classics cellar Plan Allocations arrived yet?

Dear All,

i was thinking about starting the claret VCP next year or the french classics and i know it is around this time of year that people receive their allocated wines. I was just wondering if anyone has found out already and what they were allocated?


I haven’t had my allocation, but i’ll let you know what i get when it comes through x

Thank you very much

Hi George

I am in the claret B plan and have been allocated Château la Serre 2011 and Haut Batailley 2015


Reet mate.



Still waiting on the burgundy allocation.

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Interesting the Châteauneuf was sold to me at £270 for 6. On the EP list last year it was £185 for 6. Don’t know if this represents the best value way to buy it, but part of the reason I do VCP is I get wines I wouldn’t have bought myself.

@georgeparkinson21 This was the final wine allocated to me in my VCP this month


Hope this helps with your decision!

That looks good!

I’m excited. I’ve never had a Vosne-Romanee before. And still probably won’t for a few years, as i intend to leave it toward the middle/end of it’s drinking window.

Well done wine soc!


I have got the same wine in the 2015 EP offer.

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It is comforting to know i’m rolling with the people who know what they’re talking about.


Looks like everyone has been allocated great wines. Very jealous of the 2010 La Lagune!

I defo will consider signing up for next year. Im currently procrastinating away from my dissertation by buying 2015 Bordeaux Remaining stock.

Along with the Dutruch Grand Poujeaux 2015 i bought last week ive just ordered a case of Grand Corbin Despagne, Saint Emilion (GCC) too!

Great wines! im a huge right bank fan, the La Serre should be lovely given time!

Lagune 10 is still relatively available (bbr etc). It’s a great wine & I wish the society had bought more of it & sell it outright rather than use it to lure members into ‘mixed case’ games, that’s my distoretd view on this.

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