Have I prejudged it

As my title suggests all too often I think I know what I am talking about and then suddenly a bottle comes along and it tells me I have talked twaddle.
I never liked Malbec, thought it was bitter, laced with purple fat and far too dense.
But this Malbec is fresh, elegant, complex and has a light freshness filled with elegant complexity.
So my thread is which wines we like to reasses…
I am never afraid to admit how wrong I have been and judged wines far too quickly without having tried the different styles


I’ll get back to you when I’ve tried the retsina at tomorrow night’s tasting.


I’m sure many of us have had the same experience. Several times. My most recent was Beaujolais, always avoided like the plague, then I had a Chenas 2013 (top grower, lousy vintage) at the Whitebrook, which made me re-consider. Still get some near misses but the likes of Burgaud is making me realise what I missed over all those years when I thought, Beaujolais Nouveau, ugh. But I now understand it does need some cellaring and not a couple of years, much more.


Just purchased a bottle last week from Waitrose (25% off)
Always regarded it as one of the best and long lived Malbec’s from Mendoza.
If you liked that Catena example, you may want to look out for Malbec’s from Uco Valley, specifically Gualtallary.


Thanks @winechief I will take up your kind suggestions and have a good look round.


Speaking of long lived Gualtallary , I had this (not the whole bottle) on the train from Leeds last week !! Phenomenal !!



Well, we were advised that this would be quite different to any retsina we might have tried years ago (and which I had avoided all this time). And indeed it was.

Unfortunately it wasn’t much of an improvement, though I can see that some might enjoy its earthy and herbal flavours. I remain unconverted!

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