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Hatzidakis Skitali 2016 - Offer email



Sharing this here in case others haven’t seen the offer email from Freddy Bulmer and would be interested…

This is a very special Greek white, and a fitting tribute to one of the country’s greatest winemakers. Last year the world of wine suffered a terrible loss when Haridimos Hatzidakis – whose wines from the island of Santorini have built up a loyal following among members – tragically and suddenly passed away.

_Before he died, he had been working on a new style of his beloved assyrtiko grape. Haridimos’ winery lives on; and with a little help from friends and family, his three children Stella (age 21), Antonis (16) and Ariadne (15), determined to make their father’s vision a reality, have now finished and bottled this wine. They have named it Skitali, Greek for baton, to symbolise this premature move from the older generation to the new. _

’The moment you take the baton, you hold it with every ounce of strength that is left, trying to reach the finishing line with your head held high.'
- Stella, Antonis & Ariadne Hatzidakis

Haridimos began work on this wine in 2016, harvesting from his best vineyards and putting the juice into stainless-steel tanks on its fine lees (the yeasts that occur naturally during fermentation). His idea was to maximise the lees influence, in order to create a particularly pronounced body, complexity and texture.

Now that the baton has been passed, we can say for sure what an inspired idea it was. This is an extraordinary wine, and it is a privilege to be able to offer it to you.

We are very sad indeed that the previous chapter has come to an end, and yet we look forward to reading the story that, this wine hints, is still to come.


Thanks for that, previous buyer of Hatzidakis but clearly another victory for the algorithm as no email, have picked up a few


I’ve bought a few Hatzidakis wines here and elsewhere, unfortunately this is above my price range but I’m sure its wonderful. Santorini is one of my favourite wine regions and Haridmos Hatzidakis death is a real tragedy.