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Hatzidakis Assyrtiko

Just received this email - still no Assyrtiko!

Bit of a shame, was looking forward to this.

Dear Mr Brocklehurst,

Thank you for your recent order. Unfortunately, we have been contacted by our supplier to advise that this wine is suffering from premature oxidation and is already far more developed, at this early stage, than we had anticipated and do not believe the wine is representative of the products we purchased to offer our members and, therefore, we have chosen to withdraw the wine from sale. As such, I have removed the three bottles from the order xxxxxxxx adjusted the payment totals to reflect this. As we have amended your order to below the threshold for free delivery there will be no charges for delivery

I am sorry for any disappointment this notification has caused but we do not believe the wine is fit for sale any longer.


Boo! Looks like I’m sticking to chasing the elusive Curiosity Case.

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Better than waiting 5 years then finding out I suppose


However, that bottle of Gaia Wild ferment assyrtiko in my newly-favourite Tring Winery is now looking rather more appealing


That’s very worrying - issues in the winery, cork supplier? Very odd for a winery of this standing.

The 2017 was my favourite white bottle of 2019! Incredibly complex with as many layers as a millefeuill…


Thanks. Will definitely be going back there, just need to remember not to use my wife’s credit card this time.


That’s a real pity - or maybe a blessing in disguise. I really enjoyed the previous vintage, but was trying to resist spending yet more money. Resolve was just about holding up, but that takes away the temptation.

I’m going to buck the trend on the Gaia Wild Ferment. It was one of three Assyrtikos at the distributed Greek tasting we did recently, and when tasted blind, was universally least liked, despite costing close to three times the price of the other two. Basically, nobody liked the oak - we were all after more fruit purity.


Was that the 2017, @robertd? I’m only asking because we found it a balanced wine, combining fruit with a fantastic savoury element to it. Oak felt part of the picture, rather than dominating it. Of course, we can’t all like the same wines… but just wondering whether in a different vintage perhaps they had overdone the oak :thinking:


It was the 2018, so it’s quite possible that there was more oak in it than the 2017 you tried. And it may well just be a matter of taste, too. I find that I can take oak in some grapes more than others. I am a long, long way from being an assyrtiko expert, but for that type of piercing acidity I’m generally looking for the fruit; oak is something for a rounder style of grape. Just my taste, of course, but for me it was bit like oaking riesling - what’s the point?


I can totally see what you’re saying! And I too would scoff at an oaked Riesling (the autocorrect just changed ‘oaked’ to ‘naked’ - think of it what you will! :smiley: ). However, I had some occasions where a highly acidic wine, with some judicious oak, actually revealed something a little different - like another angle, I guess. I’m thinking particularly of an oaked Verdejo made by Belondrade Y Lurton which I had in Spain last year. Until I tried it, I never thought Verdejo could taste this way - but it was quite a revelation, and the depth of flavour was fantastic.

In any case, as you say - this is purely a matter of taste, and we all taste and appreciate different flavours :grinning:


I had already put a case of this into my reserves. I haven’t had any contact from the Wine Society yet (it is showing in the “awaiting transfer” section at the bottom of my reserves page)… Assuming that mine gets pulled too (and if it is defective, I obviously want it to be), what a shame!

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Tell us more about Tring Winery, please.

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It’s a unit in a little commercial park just off the town centre. They opened in February this year :grimacing: and immediately had to re-work their business model. Seemed to have a good selection of wine from all over at a variety of price points.

The on-site tastings have evolved into remote tastings. They’ve got their own kit to keep it all under inert gas and can send a pack out that will fit in your letterbox with 5 samples in. They run standard tastings twice a week (different themes) with bespoke tastings available if you get in touch.

They make their own wine too, but I didn’t go into details as I was on a deadline to get back and collect my daughter (after hiding her bicycle).


Thank you,

Am very much hoping to expand my Assyrtiko knowledge in 2021. Currently bereft of salient details.

I have a brace of Lebanese, Oz and Santorini Asses in my cellar. Eeyore jokes on a postcard please.

I do however share your very understandable pain.

Perhaps a Special TWS envoy sent out to the hinterlands of Greece to source the very first finest Asses known to humanity?

I very much hope so.

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