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Haro, Espana


I have a friend travelling to Santander and then driving back up through Spain and France in a couple months time. He is looking for recommendations of both places to stay in and around Haro and also as their time will be limited here, the best Bodegas to visit. I’ve recommended he visit Ramon Bilbao and Muga but also if he has time the amazing building of Marques de Riscal which is not in Haro but probably worth a visit for the architecture alone.
Can anyone add any recommendations ?


I love the fact that so many people share my love of Rioja

I shared some thoughts on a previous thread - might be something useful here?

(p.s. I am not as bothered by Riscal as some others. While the roof is spectacular, it feels like what was a classic winery has been turned into a tourist spot whose main objective is to fill an over-priced hotel rather than REALLY focus on the wines. You can see the roof from outside the gates, then spend the hours you have exploring more wineries in the area, like driving up to Laguardia, or Briones, etc.)


ooh fantastic , thanks @robert_mcintosh, I’ll pass it on to him. I’ve never been to Marques de Riscal, but if you can see the roof from the gates, well that’s a win win. Thank you


Click on this link to see hundreds of my photos from Rioja. Not all are relevant (sorry, took a lot of people shots as I was always with others) but you might recognise some names here


Thanks will do :pray:


WOW!! These are fabulous photos !!!


Agree on the Riscal point. A tour around Vina Tondonia is a must especially if you’ve only got time for one tour in Haro. Something like 27 Euros but this is a 3 hour tour, full tasting with food and a bottle of Vina Tondonia Reserva in a tin to take away.


Looks like you had an awesome time in La Rioja Robert!


I did! I used to work for a winery there (not a Society supplier) so I got to lead trips regularly, plus I attended a few press trips too. It meant I got to see it at different times of year as well, so plenty of fantastic shots to compare spring/summer/autumn

Sorry they’re all mixed up, but flickr albums don’t seem to embed well here so I sent a large selection instead :slight_smile:


I agree with @Rich29, a visit to Lopez de Heredia in Haro is a must! I think the bodega and the history of the family pretty much sums up Haro and La Rioja. Plus, the wines are amazing :wink:


As in a previous comment I was there in October, in Haro Muga and next door La Rioja Alta make a quick double visit possible and the tasting rooms are very good, and if you want to Vina Tondonia and CVNE are just round the corner, and all are walkable.
Accomodation in Haro is not wonderful, depending on what you want to spend, the better hotels are elsewhaer and around and in Laguardia is much better plus the Marques de Riscal hotel which is very expensive but well worth visiting is nearby as is Bodega Ysios and the Rothschild Vega Sicilia winery.
A very good alternative I can recommend to stay at is this the Hotel Viura
Calle Herrerías, s/n, 01307 Eskuernaga, Álava, Spain
as Robert has suggested
halfway between Haro and Laguardia and near to Bodegas de la Marquesa, Bodegas Luis Canas, Bodegas Baigorri, and Bodegas Ostatu plus others.
Another hotel with fabulous views is Eguren Ugarte A-124, Km 61, 01309 Guardia, Álava, Spain.

None of this is that far from Haro as the roads are good, and another great little hotel is Hotel Villa de Abalos Plaza Fermín Gurbindo, 2, 26339 Ábalos, La Rioja, Spain
Phone: +34 941 33 43 02, not five star but comfortable clean and with very good food at great prices.

I should add that if you can do all the wineries in the station area it shows a very big range in the styles of the different Bodegas and all can be tasted one after the other, if you can stand up long enough, though I thought Mugas tasting room was the most congenial !


Your autumn photos show one of the best aspects of La Rioja, I cannot remember any other, usual disclaimers, vineyard area with such wonderful autumn colours, it is very special.
Sadly I had a disaster on the camera front in Rioja with the lens I use for landscapes failing to focus properly and a large number of vineyard shots and others had to be dumped, first time I have ever had a camera related problem so cannot really grumble, and I should have spotted it earlier.


This is amazing @Cerberus, thank you


If you are going to Haro you should also visit CVNE. Ardanza, Vina Real, Imperial are magisterial Riojas by any standards. http://www.visitascvne.com/en/ They also own Contino. Also La Rioja Alta also in Haro https://www.riojalta.com/en/. well known to Wine Society and some of the first wine from anywhere. If you add in Muga you will experience the best that Rioja has to offer. Next stop Ribera del Duero! Enjoy.