Happy Hanukkah!

OK, OK, it’s already the third night of Hanukkah, but we decided on tonight for our big potato latke blast. I made my famous latkes, and we had Brie and Norfolk dapple to go with them. Also a big platter of crudités. Accompanying was an amazing wine which was just right, and I’m enthusiastic about it & will order more. I like the description, a “quaffing wine.” Yup.

I’m ashamed to say we finished up with sufganiyot. OK, doughnuts. But they were good.

Enough fried food and raw veges for now. It was so good I think I’ll make the same tomorrow…


Ashamed? How so?! I just looked up sufganiyot, and they look delicious :yum: Definitely something to put on my list of things to try making. Happy Hanukkah!