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Happy Christmas to me, from me



My wife often complains that I’m hard to buy for, particularly due to my habit of buying what I want for myself. She has a point, but I’m sure I’m not the only one!

These just arrived at the office:

Anyone else wishing themselves a very merry Christmas? What with?!


Oh yes! Got this for myself a few days ago:

Happy Christmas to me! :ok_hand::santa:


Fortunately a large amount of lovely wines abound at home.
A lot of this

And Hotêl Chocolat gifts are stocking bound :yum:


Kind of… Bought the Father in Law a nice Barolo for Christmas and in order to save £5 on postage I spent £50 on a few bits and bobs I fancied


We were ordering some nice food/wine gifts for distant friends & family a couple of weeks ago, when all of a sudden, whoops:

Oh, but I shouldn’t have, how thoughtful!


Two of these from me to me…

Merry Christmas!


I may just have gifted myself a copy of The World Atlas of Wine :wink: