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Handmaid's Tale Wine Range


What on earth were they thinking?


Blessed be the fruit…


Seriously though, I couldn’t imagine the thinking behind this - although I do find I can’t watch an episode without a big glass of wine handy. Too tense!


Absolutely unbelievable! :see_no_evil:


“You’ve loved the dystopian book and TV series about the horrific subjugation of women - now drink the pinot noir!”


I really don’t know what happened to that company. They started well.

SO much wrong with their site and thinking.

First, I think this looks like a marketing stunt gone wrong. They’ve done it before, and pissed off a lot of people

Their site fails even in basics like linking to their blog and their OWN twitter account.

My personal advice is to stay clear and ignore all ‘news’ from them


I thought this was bad:

but you win…


Hilariously ill-conceived, but there are worse things that have inspired wine lines:



Gosh! this is a god-awful idea - not to mention its execution! Just one more thing I hate about capitalism… the need to create ‘markets’ for products where there are none. I hope no one falls for this idiocy :roll_eyes:


I feel as though with this sort of thing the shock factor has just been ramped up of late as there are so many horrific things happening day to day in real life anyway and I’m imaging that for these companies to try and achieve the impact they want they have to up the ante. I suppose it has sort of worked because we are talking about it but it would be nice fornthem to consider a different marketing route in future!



This Czech energy drink has been around since the 90’s, as the Czech made explosive was a favourite of terrorist groups around the world is also in pretty dubious taste.



What’s worse is that this range of labels has been around for many years and is therefore succesful. I have seen some of these wines on sale in northern Italy


Seems that they didn’t get the response they aimed for as the line has apparently now been pulled


Thank god some sense prevailed! I honestly felt sick every time I thought about it. There really is no limit, it seems, to marketing perversity!