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Halloween costumes


For all the other parents out there who put in the effort (or not), let us see your Halloween creations!

This is the (minecraft) Creeper we apparently spawned in the house (great work by my son and wife)


Yesterday my daughter told me that she told the nursery teacher that she will be a princess for Halloween. I think she was / is and will always be, but her outfit was pretty pink with a skeleton cat on it… she loved it and my wife has all the photos

Love the minecraft theme


Haha… This is class :} I hope I can be as inventive as my son gets older.
We attended a Hallowe’en party for kids on Friday evening, my 2 year old son was dressed as Frankenstein.
He proceeded to have a nosebleed of EPIC proportions, (we’re under a consultant for this), he was covered head to toe in blood including having smeared it all across his beautiful white blonde hair. No one batted an eyelid who hadn’t seen it happen… He was the coolest blood soaked, metallic smelling Frankenstein there :joy:!


I’ve still got a late Halloween party to go to on Saturday which will unfortunately involve a jaunt on the tube in fancy dress! Watch this space for a picture…
@Leah poor thing, at least it didn’t ruin his outfit!


As promised…