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Half bottles


How many of you are buyers of half bottles?

Apart from dessert wine I have never bought wine by the half bottle before but I have just ordered 12 half bottles of 2015 Ch. Les Ormes de Pez (not from TWS).

Too often I am (shock horror) struggling to finish a bottle as I end up drinking on my own as my wife doesn’t fancy a glass or doesn’t fancy drinking red. So the idea of being able to open a half bottle is something that could be very practical for me.

Part of the problem is that the choice is very limited when buying in this size, which is why I jumped at the chance of this particular wine which has scored well and is below £13 per bottle duty paid and on the table.

Is there a bigger market out there for half bottles? Is this something that TWS buyers are looking at increasing the selection of?


I’m in a similar position to yourself @MrNXM but I tend not to buy half bottles for two reasons. One the limited choice so, for that limited choice, I tend to think why bother when I can’t do it with the majority and secondly, being an old skin flint, I don’t like paying the extra especially as it seems to be generally 10% or more extra.

That’s why I’m looking for other ways of keeping. Currently find this works well:

I may well get one of these eto decanters if/when they eventually ship.

One advantage of the half bottle that does almost persuade me is that I sometimes get impatient to try a different wine, especially if the current open bottle is less that exciting.


I’m in a similar position, in that my wife generally doesn’t drink red wine. I drink 250ml of wine a day, so I get through a bottle in three days. So a half bottle really wouldn’t work since 375ml would be too much for me. This all may sound fanciful to younger folk, but I now find it unwise to drink too much.

The limitation seems to be that small bottles (175 or 250ml?) are just available for a small selection of cheap table wines in the supermarket, while half bottles are generally more expensive and again just a small selection. Is that because, in former times, half bottles were made for restaurants, so were often more expensive wines?


My intention is definitely to buy more wines by the half bottle for the same reason as you. I am not sure why for EP you cannot chose the format you want… it is not yet in bottle after all.


I tend to drink a bit less than yourself, so one bottle lasts me 5-7 days. Those antiox stoppers do a pretty good job of keeping the wine.

The main frustration for me is having to drink the same wine for that many days. :sleeping:


It seems that there is a call then for more choice of decent quality wine sold by the half bottle. As I said in my original post, when I saw this particular wine at this price for half bottles I said yes straight away as it is normally a struggle to find something decent in this format.

So question to @laura and society staff, is this something we can expect to see more of?


Might be worth looking into one of those ‘ETO’ decanters which are coming out soon, I know that I will be looking to get one at some point :slight_smile:


Yes, @M1tch but they seem to be slipping again. I was under the impression that the original launch was going to be July, then September and now we’re nearly out of September. Very frustrating!


Was pleased to discover half bottles of Jadot Macon-Village in Morrisons the other day. Very drinkable…


For EP BDX a lot of merchants do offer half bottles (slight premium of course), so not sure why TWS doesnt. Other regions seem a bit trickier, but i guess they tend to be smaller producers than you might see in Bordeaux.


ETO decanters and other similar stoppers only allow you a limited extra time to drink the rest of the bottle. Coravin obviously is different.

However, if you are drinking on your own then very often a half bottle over 2 or 3 days is perfect. You don’t necessarily want to have a full bottle over a week or two.


I do try to have a few halves always in stock (and just bought 5 from TWS: TWS and French supermarkets seem to be the only places which always have supplies). Two of us drink half a bottle a night, but don’t always come out with an even number of days of reds and whites before going away for a couple of weeks.


I now have a half bottle and a 250ml ex balsamic vinegar bottle, both with screw caps, to decant remainders into. I could do with a 50cl that isn’t some kind of antisocial shape. This is the best solution I have found. I am also waiting for an eto


TWS have a dozen or more - all definitely worth drinking. Last year as part of a health ‘thing’ (drink less but better) I tried a month or two of them but to be honest got bored. Financially they don’t really make sense, and I reasoned that for the same price I could get a full bottle and simply use the ‘spare’ for cooking.

They are GREAT if stuck on a train journey for 2 to 3 hours (I do Leeds to London once a month and come back in the evening) - with an M&S sarny. Time flies by - don’t forget a corkscrew.


Here is a filtered list of all of the half bottles we currently have:


There are also a few mixed cases as well.


I love half bottles and try and stock up when in France . It’s makes a lot so sense for me as I’m on my own a lot and don’t want to drink the same wine all week . I admit I’ve never bought halves from TWS as there is definitely more value from buying from abroad.


Also does anyone know if I can put a case of half bottles in reserves? or does it have to be 75cls?? I would ask member services… but well…


You can put halves in Members Reserves :slightly_smiling_face:Unfortunately as I’m now in my dining room and not at my desk I can’t double check the exact particulars! You definitely can put in a straight case and I’m pretty sure you can make up your own case in the same way as with 75cl bottles but will double check (hopefully tomorrow :crossed_fingers:t2:) and let you know!


Thanks Catherine, that’s great :+1:


You definitely can, no restrictions whatsoever. I actually put a case of 24 of halves of TWS White Burgundy to help more flexibly withdraw my other wine…