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Half bottles of cheaper sparkling wines?

A request from the other half - does the society stock cheaper half-bottles of sparkling wine? At the moment, the most economical bottle listed on the site is a half of the society’s NV champagne at £17.50. Is it ever possible to get halves of cremant or prosecco?

I’ve seen half bottles of prosecco in supermarkets, but it tends to be the sweeter stuff, the kind of thing that fuels the school mums’ social nights (also known as “the screaming prosecco harpies” around our way).

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Well I can’t find any halves (except Biozel at £16) but there are certainly some very good value bottles of sparkling wine. For example


which are very good value and very enjoyable to drink. With a decent champagne stopper for a few pounds a bottle will keep a few days. I thoroughly recommend giving either or both a try, and there are others.
At the price of the cava it’s not a disaster if you have to pour some away, but I’d be surprised if you do!

And this which my ex was very keen on


@Andy999 has nailed it.

The premium on half-bottles of fizz make them uneconomic compared with a full bottle of a Champagne alternative, plus a fizz stopper will keep in the fizz if the bottle is placed upright in the fridge door as soon as possible after opening.


Careful @Rio_Jano, lots of people read these threads and some take their children to school.

It’s actually what the fellow mums from my kids school call themselves. I think the whatsapp group for one group of mums was called “scream for prosecco” at one point


Waitrose do a good NV champagne in half bottles. Normally £12 a bottle so I pick some up when they do 25% off. Although I see it’s on offer today at £10.


You piqued my buying finger, but it’s £11.99 on the Waitrose web site and no 25% off

Sorry you missed it. Like the ebb and flow of the spring tides the price changes. It’ll be back, keep an eye out.