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Hakkasan Mayfair dinner


In case anyone was interested I just received an email from Hakkasan promoting an Olivier Leflaive dinner. Link to the rather expensive tickets is here:

A tasting of 6 wines to accompany the food including the Batard-Montrachet GC.

I love the food here and their cocktails are the best I’ve ever had, their wine list however is extortionate…


Bloody hell! Cheaper to holiday in Burgundy, methinks!! :open_mouth:




Put me down for half a dozen :sunglasses:


I ate there not so long ago. The set price lunch menu, mind !

Can only agree about the cocktails, the one I had was fabulous, as were the dim-sum. We didn’t drink wine, because as you say, the prices were a bit rich.

I wonder how much Batard one would get on the night ?

Probably not the 250ml I’d be hoping for.


I think they open the bottle and then allow guests to stay in the same room as it for a little while.


That made me laugh out loud. And probably not too far from the truth.


€65 or €95 for the tasting meal inc four matched wines. €36 supplement for batard gc or €18 for corton charlie gc! So cheaper if you happen to be in Puligny!


I love Dim Sum Sunday, although have only been to Hanway Place

For the restaurant and wines on offer, I have to say I thought the price would be higher (not saying I’d pay it though)!


Did this the tasting menu in Puligny years ago - was fabulous!


So, for £195 per person I’d recommend 12 of us got together = £2,340

Go to a decent Chinese…£50 / head = £600

£1740 left for 6 bottles = £290 / bottle…I can do you some “oncle” at about that price :rofl:

I will even put on a French accent and tell you about the wines :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Yes so did we. A great experience - we were on a cycling tour so we weren’t the best dressed people in the restaurant that lunchtime but nobody cared. The food and wine were great and the leg of the cycle tour immediately after the meal thankfully uneventful!


It’s a lovely restaurant but too expensive. Hunan is my favourite London Chinese (Hunan and Taiwanese style food and lots of good wine including great German wines from the Wine Barn).


we had a tour round first…was Olivier and his vineyard manager !

then lunch…4 hours of it…then 2 hour sleep and a very slow drive back to La Rochepot




I’m looking forward to eating here…

If you’re in Mayfair try Gymkhana.


A Wong is fabulous, enjoy. The ‘mouth numbing beef offal’ may not be for everyone but is a complete winner for me. The steamed duck egg custard bun for pudding as well. In fact, it’s all great.


It’s fantastic. Really excellent food.


A number of years ago I went to Le Gavroche and had their tasting menu with wine.

Not cheap but they were fantastic with the wine. Different wine with each course, but if your glass was empty they’d be straight over to refill. No question of you’ve had your quota for this course. It really did help make a special dinner that bit more special.


Some friends and I had a similar experience at another Michel Roux Jr restaurant, the one in Parliament Square. When we told the sommelier how much we’d enjoyed a Mencia, which accompanied one of the courses, he seemed delighted to get a bit of feedback. He then poured all of us a complementary glass of Rioja and asked what we thought of that. As you say, that little touch made a great day even more special.