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Hail damage in Bordeaux (and elsewhere)

I’ve just noticed an article about serious hail damage in Bordeaux.

Les vignes endommagées par la grêle
FranceLes violents orages de grêle de samedi ont endommagé 7000 ha de vignes dans le Bordelais et 10’000 ha dans le bassin Charente-Cognac.


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Yes, it has been a terrible weekend in France

Hail in Bordeaux but also torrential rain in Burgundy

(check out this video from Chambolle Musigny - shared by a friend)

It appears that 6% of the area was hit but it was the left bank and none of the iconic vineyards have reported damage as yet, the Cognac region was hit far worse.

Apparently Bourg, Blaye and Haut Medoc worst affected.

There has been awful weather throughout much of Europe for a couple of weeks or so, anyone who watched the Giro d’Italia will have seen the storms they had, many were isolated but very heavy and the lightning has been a feature everywhere.

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And now it is Champagne:

If anyone ever starts to ponder the idea based on the romantic image of winemaking … throw a bucket of cold water over their head and then point them to this thread!

No-one in their right mind should grows grapes for a living!


Yes there are lots of sizeable bordelais vineyard properties for sale online, often for less than a 2 bed flat in zone 4 and sometimes in well recognised AOCs. It’s times like this you realise why. It does feel like Northern and western France is getting more and more unpredictable weather each year.