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Haiku (or other poetic) tasting notes



Just for a bit of innocent fun, decided to attempt tasting notes in haiku… 3 rows 5-7-5 syllable count.

My feeble first attempt for the 2014 Crystallum Cinema PN I tasted yesterday:

Typical Pinot
Great depth and complexity
Opens up in glass

Feel free to add yours… limericks and sonnets also welcome.


This is a brilliant idea for the notebook. Describe a wine in only 17 syllables.
Good advice for many a wine journalist/critic etc.


The wine is fine!
I had a good time!
This ain’t supposed to Rhyme!


Expressive red Rhone
Berries, herbs, full of promise
Ticks many a box.

Edited from last nights waffling effusive notes.

Woeful really. Good fun though.

Congratulations: New Member(s) of the Month

I find haiku hard
I think it would be madness
to write tasting notes


Les vignes de vrigny
Toasty pinot meunier
Complex liquid gold


An Ode to 2018 Rustenberg Chardonnay (After Sonnet 18)

Shall I compare thee to a Summer’s day?
Thou art more peachy, and more delicate
With scents of blossoming flowers in May,
Creamy, honey-sweet and yet…
Thou structure firm and confident and sound,
Thou art robust in character and nerve,
Acidity and minerality abound
Long finish, full of orange zest and verve!
So long as men can breath or eyes can see
I shall enjoy you, trusted glass of Chardonneey

(Joint effort!)

I wish The Society stocked

My bargain Lidl haiku:

Three pound nineteen pence
Fit for human consumption
How do they do it?


Second verse to the £3.19 Lidl haiku?

Mostly methanol
O, my eyes, my eyes, my eyes
Why did I buy it?


Inbar, that was lovely. My meek offering is a song from WW1. Sung to the tune of Abide with Me.

We’ve had no beer, we’ve had no beer today.
What’s the use of living, tell us, tell us pray!
We’ve had no beer, 'tis the burden of our lay.
We’ve had no beer, no beer since yesterday!


Why, thank you! That Literature degree should have some use! :wink:

That’s my husband’s chant, most of the days! He loves wine, but beer (ale, specifically) is his real passion… :beer:


I read this thread yesterday afternoon after visiting Aaldering Winery.

The eight wines on their tasting platter were each described in poems written by their winemaker and his wife. They were

A lively bond of kiwi fruit and lime,
revealed in your glass every time.
Aromas of crispy green fig on the nose,
fused with white lilies in an elegant pose.
Just as fresh as lemongrass and pear,
this is an ideal wine for you to share…

She used to wear a black dress,
made with a body to impress.
With grapefruit and a bit of cream,
your palate will feel like a dream.
She has it all, brimming with zest,
a lovely wine for that special guest…

In a glass of our Chardonnay,
green fig on your palate to stay.
Lemon zest to find on the nose,
apple blossom to make a pose.
Oak flavours of crème brûlée,
this wine is joy even on a cool day…

Terroir reflects on the taste,
no glass will be left to waste.
You will embrace the petal of a rose,
layered gently on this pale wine’s nose.
Strawberry dewdrop from a finger,
with crispy watermelon to linger…

LADY M 2018
A creation dedicated to my dearest,
a well presented Pinotage in its purest.
No wood was added to this wine indeed,
as make-up she surely doesn’t need.
Like rose chocolate full and round,
to Lady ‘M’ I am forever bound…

Layered elegantly in this Pinotage,
lies the barrel selection and bâtonnage.
While balance and elegance fill your mind,
with mulberry and smoky chocolate to find.
Gushing raspberry and cherry flavour,
will dance on your palate to savour…

Lovingly described as liquid caviar,
this truly reflects our terroir.
Concentrated spice yet nice and sweet,
hidden behind a blueberry treat.
Even hints of a jasmine flower,
will be enjoyed in this flavour tower…

Virility in the Cabernet to be found,
Merlot adding to it with her elegant sound.
A marriage described as balanced and fruity,
roasted almonds in the heart of this beauty.
Best served with a stew or beef roast,
this wine will have you cheerful at each toast…

Poems for the rest of their wines cab be seen on the last page of their magazine at


Choked on Haiku wit
Spitting wine in coughing fit
A waste but worth it