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Guilty pleasures


20/Twenty against the Aussies this evening.
So my guilty pleasure is KFC with some White Burgundy1?!
But I have absolutely no shame admitting to it.
And if there is no proper KFC in the freezer I am perfectly capable of making it myself.
My own recipe cobbled together from plenty I have read and seen on TV.
But tonight the genuine article and some Leflaive Meursault.
Sorry, heresy probably but yum!!


I love KFC. I know it’s awful but it tastes so good! I was going to have a cheeky one for lunch at Victoria today, but the queue was enormous so I settled for a burrito instead. It was nice, but no KFC…

Washing it down with a decent Meursault sounds perfectly reasonable to me! :ok_hand::clap:t2:


Sounds good! The decent acidity will cut through that fat wonderfully :laughing::wink:


I love this as a wine match! Almost as good as Champagne and fish and chips. :heart_eyes:

My personal guilty pleasure is a good old Maccy D’s - but have yet to find a decent wine match for a Big Mac…


I think a beers the only way forward…:laughing:


In my experience the beers generally come before rather than during the Maccy Ds :beers::beers::beers::beers::wink:


I’m with you @laura on the Maccy D’s but more specifically a Maccy D’s breakfast (sausage and egg McMuffin with 2 hash browns) and not limited to just hangover sustenance which I think I’d probably pair with Moscato d’Asti as I think that’s basically breakfast wine

Or get an orange juice as well and make a Buck’s Fizz with The Society’s Cava


A tradition for me and my friend Paula is Eggs Benedict (or Eggs Florentine in her case) with Bellini for brunch.
No hair-shirt here, though. Just pleasure. :sunglasses::cocktail:


Slightly hesitant to share this one of mine again after @Leah’s reaction during the last TWSTaste! :scream: :joy:


You’re all monsters!!! :laughing:

My guilty pleasures are a cold leftover BBQ sausage sandwich or a bacon sandwich with brown sauce, dipped into tomato sauce. Both tend to be lunchtime treats so haven’t thought about a wine pairing. Given the circumstances I normally enjoy these, one would presumably need something to overpower the lingering taste of toothpaste… :wink:


Suffolk black bacon sandwich. Black bacon is cured in local molasses. A mixture of thick cut back and streaky. Partly toasted bread. HP or Stokes brown sauce. The guilty question is just how many…


That sounds awesome!


I’m a fan of streaky, with a tad of smoke, but both; why not?
What you describe sounds luscious!!
Perfect for a Sunday morning in the company of a big mug of tea and…!!
And it never bothers me if I am on designated chef duties.
Never pass up the opportunity to amass Brownie Points. you never know when you might need them.


This is the secret of the best bacon sarnies - mixed bacon - one smoked is good too - but one must be streaky and well cooked, almost crispy. Mmmm…


Clonakilty black pudding … if you haven’t tried it you have to. It has oats in it with lots of peppery spice … oh and dipped in … hot sauce :grimacing:… there I said it :rofl::rofl:


Homemade chicken curry with a well chilled Costieres de Nimes Rose, as near as 14.5 as possible or a couple of Brugse Zot dubbel.

14.5 is strength not temp !!!:innocent:


I’m feeling very hungry now but luxury breakfast two or three oeufs en meurette with a smooth Beaujolais Villages…:wine_glass::wine_glass:


Outstanding! Award-winning style, I love it, though would go for eggs benedict with same white burgundy - for elevenses, of course


Pies from our local baker when we go to buy our bread. My favourite is the chicken curry pie :yum: Generally a lunchtime treat so not something I worry about in terms of a matching wine. Maybe a beer would be best.