Guesstimate Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Wine Society? Tuesday 9th June, 1-2pm

Very good guesses! The answer is Italy

@Leah, @szaki1974 and @Keithandliz get 3 points! Spain is our third bestselling country, so we’ll give 1 point each to @strawpig and @Jcmwooldridge

@Keithandliz back in the lead with 23 points!

Next question…

Question 12:

12. How many years have we offered wines en primeur?

Since 1975. So 45 years.

45 years??

50 years


41 years

You definitely know your EP facts! The answer is 45 years

@Keithandliz and @Leah get 3 points, @szaki1974 gets 2 points and everyone else gets 1 point.

@Keithandliz in the lead, with 1 point in it!

Onto our penultimate question…

Lucky guess!!

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I’m off back to work sorry! Thanks for the fun!


Question 13:

13. How many different wine countries have we sold en primeur?

Thank you for joining, @strawpig!!

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Yes thanks @strawpig! You finished the game with a VERY respectable 22 points! :clap:


5. That’s a tricky one!



Excellent guesses! The answer is 10

@Leah gets 3 points, 2 points for @szaki1974 and everyone else gets 1 point.

@Leah is now in the lead by 1 point!

Going into the final round!

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Last question!

13. When did The Society’s Cellar Showroom open?