Guesstimate Quiz: How Well Do You Know Italian Wine? Tuesday 2nd June, 1-2pm

donkey tea puke face tea


re :point_up_2:Bin end #6


Excellent deduction! It was Asti Spumante

Top 3 now:

@DJB79 in first
@cgoldin still in second
@Peter_Jenkins and @Leah in joint third…

The final round is on the way… who will win our coveted (?!) Quizmaster Community badge?

And finally… round 10:

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pinot grigio

Pinot Grigio

Pinot grigio

Pinot Grigio

pio cesare?

And the winner is…

@DJB79 is in first with 34 points!

@cgoldin is second with 24 points!

@Peter_Jenkins is third with 18 points!

@Leah is fourth with 16, and @szaki1974 has 11 in fifth

@HamishC and @MikeFranklin had five points each in joint sixth

@Aspedini and @Jithotw each have three points in joint seventh :smiley:

Congrats to @DJB79 - we’ll add your Community Quizmaster badge to your profile! :trophy:

Next week, it’s not a picture quiz - it’s How Well Do You Know The Wine Society and it’s going to be more of a guesstimate quiz - so it’s all to play for… Join us next Tuesday at 1pm.

Thanks so much everyone for taking part in our first quiz - a bit of an experiment but I hope you all had fun!


I’m gutted - clearly my exhaustive knowledge of Italian wine was not enough


Great fun, and great answers! Well done everyone, and thank you for taking part!

Here’s the thread to join for next Tuesday’s quiz:

See you there :slight_smile:

Thank you for putting it together. Have you used the “My Quiz” App? Stay well everybody!

Great fun @laura!

Just tracked through this, great quiz. I got most of them (no idea who who was the bread in the Jack Dee sandwich), but had the luxury of time and no pressure.

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Great quiz. Sorry to have missed some of it. Thanks for organising.

And congrats to @DJB79!

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Had to enjoy that post-work. I got them all, but no idea how fast I’d have been compared to everyone else. Bardolino took me ages!

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I was feeding my kids at the same time :sweat_smile:


Neither do I, but the same thing twice around Dee gave it away for me.

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Jane Garvey

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