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Guesstimate Quiz: How Well Do You Know Italian Wine? Tuesday 2nd June, 1-2pm

As lockdown prevails, we’re very excited to launch a new lunchtime event for our Community members - our Guesstimate Quiz!

Guesstimate Quiz: How Well Do You Know Italian Wine? Tuesday 2nd June, 1-2pm

To celebrate Italy Day and as a little warm-up to the Italy Day Zoom Tasting we’re hosting a lunchtime quiz on all things Italian vino!

This quiz will be a test of your guessing skills – and a test on how well you can interpret pictures!

The winner will receive the eternal glory of being assigned our ‘Quiz Champion’ Community badge.

How to take part

Log in to the Community before 1pm on Tuesday 2nd June and there’ll be a ‘LIVE FROM 1PM: Guesstimate Quiz’ topic where the event will take place. The chat will be in written format - like a regular topic here. We’ll ask the questions, you type your answers - easy!

We hope you can make it along! Who’s planning on joining us for lunch?

  • I’ll be there!
  • I can’t make it this time, enjoy!

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Booo, I’ve been hauled off furlough and will be back at work. Unfortunately my job involves feeding others, so won’t be able to make this. A shame as I’d love to know how much I don’t know about Italian wine.

Will it be live only, or will the questions be available following the quiz?

Just about to go into lunch service - good luck everyone

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Hi @Brocklehurstj,

We’re hoping we’ve devised a way you can still ‘take part’ even if unofficially after the event by asking people to blur their answers so you can still guess without spoilers - so do come back later and have a go! :slight_smile:

More on this at 1pm everyone - hoping to see a few of you here with us live!


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Hi everyone,

Right, this is going to be a bit of an experiment, to be honest! :smiley: First, let’s start by seeing who’s here - can you please vote below if you attend to play along live?

  • I’m here to play!

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Good afternoon from uncharacteristically sunny Cardiff!

Here’s how we’re going to try this:

One by one, we’ll be posting 10 ‘say what you see’ picture clues about Italy and its wines/regions.

The idea is to be among the fastest to guess which region is being shown.

BUT to make it fairer (and to let other people play along later) we want you to post your answers using the BLUR SPOILER function.

Let’s start by checking everyone can do this:

Type a one-word reply below (anything you like ‘Here’, ‘Test’, whatever!) and before posting, highlight/selecr the word you’ve typed, and then click the little cog option above:

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 13.03.25

And click the ‘blur spoiler’ option.

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 13.03.58

The preview of your word should now look like this:


Can you all give this a try now so we can check you’re all happy with how the Blur Spoiler function works?


Buon giorno genteThis text will be blurred


ErrrThis text will be blurred




Brilliant, thanks all! :smiley:

Right, we’ll post the first one in a second. The fastest person to reply (but use the blur spoiler feature to obscure your answer!) gets 5 points.

The second fastest gets 4 points, the next one gets 3 points, the next one gets 2 points and all other correct answers get 1 point.

We’ll be keeping a tally of the scores… and we’ll keep you updated after each round with who’s in the top 3 positions!

Are we ready?! :smiley:

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Yes please

Okay, here’s number one: