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Guess what... mini quiz (#1) ... Roumier Chambolle-Musigny PC Les Cras



I was at a tws tasting tonight and one of the interesting things mentioned in passing by Tim Sykes was that in order to get the quantities of any particular wines that he needs for anticipated tws sales means he typically has to buy from multiple negociants (as many as 10 or more different negociants on occasion). Suggesting that ep allocations may not be high enough for tws to buy its stock for retail sales in the same ep manner alongside the member allocations. I so not sure tws would have been able to buy this wine at the same ep price that members paid.

I was quite staggered by how hard it is for him to source the quantities of some desirable wines that we members demand of him. So I don’t think suggestions of profiteering are necessarily valid here.

Notes to follow in their own thread later when I can find the time. Bit busy just now!


Looking forward…! :+1::wink:


I think it’s totally fair to release prestige wines either at close to market value, or on very restricted allocations, or both. It demonstrates some learning from Chavegate when a wine with a market value of £350/bottle IB was released unrestricted at £150/bottle DP, sold out in hours and promptly popped up on seckfords and other brokers’ lists at £350 DP (a dead giveaway that a high value wine is from TWS) and in some cases ‘ex TWS’! If TWS doesn’t price close to market on these wines they are flipped, very rapidly, putting the stocks beyond the reach of bona fide members.


I warn you, we tasted 3 three vintages each from 4 different estates and they were all well outside my purchasing range. But truly lovely!


Thoroughly intrigued now…! :+1: :grinning: