Guess what... mini quiz (#1) ... Roumier Chambolle-Musigny PC Les Cras

Guess what TWS EP price per bottle of this was… No cheating, winners (of a virtual pat on the back) to be announced tomorrow (16/11/19) morning.

  • £1-£50
  • £50-£100
  • £100-£150
  • £150+

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Just for posterity… the bottle price at the time of the quiz was £450 DP.


Congratulations to the 50% who got it right. The EP price was £75 per bottle (came in a case of three).


That is RIDICULOUS :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

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TWS not the cheapest, but a long way from the most expensive:

Is that really how Burgundy prices have increased the last few years?


No, it is how ‘cheap’ TWS is selling Roumier wines EP. Or rather how cheap Roumier makes TWS sell their wines EP.

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when you actually look they are probably the cheapest retailer with individual bottle stock !

the first is an auction so no provenance (in all reality)
the second are brokers so no guarantee it will be avaialbe
Farr - have to buy a case and DP works out £423…
Atlas - when costed as DP is more expensive


Well, i failed spectacularly at mini quiz #1, bring on #2!

It also has to be said that Roumier is one of a small band of Burgundy producers whose prices have gone bonkers recently.

In the context of recent conversations about loyalty and flipping, I would be flipping at a 600% return in less than 4 years…

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That would be a clear case of intentions changing… so within policy.

It is less by the way… as the current price is DP.

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That and it isnt necessarily trading at that price. It’s been sitting there on the list for a while.

Forget it then - not selling for less than 595%…


Honestly, i’d be drinking it with my best wine friends cause there is no way I would ever be able to afford it again


I was lucky enough to be allocated 1 bottle in the 2017 EP and thats pretty much my plan!


So, given that TWS will have presumably bought the stock at EP price (?) why is it now listed by TWS at secondary market value? Or have I misunderstood something in how the pricing works?

they have had to:

  1. cover the cost of cash of buying it into stock
  2. look after it
  3. make a margin
  4. not release at a silly low price so that people buy and sell it straight away

or should they trade it within the industry and put the profit back into the society ?!

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Since the profit is going back into the society in any case makes sense to sell it to TWS members.

I think the fact that TWS has the strength in depth to hold back wine for later release a huge advantage and essential service.

The explosion in Burgundy prices is a temporary phenomenon anyway since I presume there is a point even for TWS where it cannot compete for allocations.


Yes, I understand those costs, but storage for three years or so is negligible, and the margin would already exist in the EP price, which if that was £75 and if it is old en primeur stock, TWS would be selling it for something like £300 profit per bottle. That seems a bit odd to me, for a mutual.

Why not use it for a members’ tasting, or limit to one bottle per member to reduce resale opportunities? Wouldn’t it serve the membership better if it was at a (still profitable) price that gave non-billionaires the option to try it? And I get that that isn’t how the market generally works, but isn’t part of the point of TWS that it doesn’t operate in the same way as other retailers…?

Or why not pass the benefit on to all members by ploughing it back and using it to manage the prices of more mainstream wines? I must say these arguments have been covered repeatedly on here and there are no easy answers.

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Just to say… I meant the quiz as a bit of fun, should have seen the escalation potential really. Will look for a less conspicuous subject for the next one.

In the meantime please all feel free to post little distractors like this using the format (or not).