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Guess the winemaker

A bit of light entertainment for those up for it on a Friday evening. Guess the winery from a label fragment (don’t research). An easy one to start with.


Got it :+1:

Ben Glaetzer

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I thought you would.

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Thanks for making the first one nice and easy for me :grin:

Second one…

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Is it GD vajra?

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Looks like people know the labels of their favoured regions.

Liking this game

I wouldn’t identify that as one of my regions tbh :hugs: but I’ve had a bottle at some point I’m sure

You are just generally good then

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Can one double like? :wink:

Ok, I have one more then someone else might want to take the lead.

I have definitely seen this before…

That Australian bloke

Here is an easy one while we try and remember the previous 2.



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Both correct

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