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Guerrilla tasting #4: Bordeaux blend - France Vs South Africa. 28 November 2019


@Brocklehurstj - I think we should declare 28 November as the date


That’s a result, looks like everyone can make the 28th.

I’ll close the poll and get a post out confirming the date once i’ve got lunch service out of the way.


Ok, 28 November is confirmed and in the diary.

Just need to get ordering :smile:


I didn’t vote as I’ve not been in a position to look at my diary for a few days but 28th is good for me and I’ve bought the two half bottles, so I’m on!

I’m actually very interested as I’ve had a couple of Commanderies but they were very much lesser vintages and left me a little underwhelmed so I’ve been planning to try a better vintage for a while. And I’m extremely interested in comparing it with a new world equivalent.


Good news, glad you can make it.


For those who haven’t sourced the wines yet, the Rustenberg is on offer at Waitrose, full bottle for £11.99! 2016 vintage though.



lol that’ll teach me to log in more regularly! Can’t do any of the dates anyway so shall look out for the next one


Good spot.


I’ve been trying to do a little research on both wines to keep you entertained while I convince my kids bedtime is something they have finished before 8pm, but am really struggling to find out much about Château de la Commanderie.

Is there something I’m missing or is it not an actual estate, just a brand from Lafon family? At the moment it’s just the notes from TWS and a vintage report, which pales into comparison with the Rustenberg wine. Even Googlemaps is struggling.


There’s this:


"The Château de la Commanderie located on the town of Lalande de Pomerol, on the old road to Compostela, is the property of the GFA Château de la Commanderie belonging to the heirs Lafon.On a single block of 39 hectares, 69 acres, 90 centiares, including 29 hectares, 6 ares, 36 centiares planted in vineyards.The care provided to the vineyard, the size that sacrifices the quality of the concept of yield, would not be sufficient, if before being picked, the grape does not was brought to full maturity, giving a quality wine appreciated in many foreign countries. "

Contact information

10 route of the Commandery
05 57 51 40 03

Might be a starting point. From google translate of this page: https://www.lalande-pomerol.com/chateau/chateau-de-la-commanderie

Another Google translate (https://www.vinifine.be/fr/chateau-commanderie-lalande-pomerol.html) indicates that Mouiex is involved:

A breeding mastered by the experts of Pomerol

The Chateau de la Commanderie belongs to the Lafon family. In addition, the establishments Jean-Pierre Moueix carry out the breeding of this wine. The name of Jean-Pierre Moueix is ​​known and recognized in the Bordelais and within the connoisseurs of wine since he has been and now his heirs are among others owners of Chateaux Trotanoy, Lagrange to Pomerol, and the flower Petrus. It is also Jean Pierre Moueix who was the initiator of the international reputation of the famous Petrus. The association between the Lafon family and the mastery of Moueix for the Pomerol and Saint Emilion brings to the Chateau de la Commanderie a delicate and very pleasant wine.


But you’re right there’s precious little other info out there. Maybe ask Laura if Tim Sykes can give any info?

Bit of a laugh as I looked around; numerous sights selling the wine (including French ones) describing it as from the “appellation Pomerol”, and even a couple of sights calling it a “Crianza wine”!


Thanks @MikeFranklin

@SykoWino, any chance you could provide a little more detail on this chateau for our guerrilla tasting?


@laura ,

I’m sure he’s a very busy man, but I’ve not heard anything back yet, nearly 2 weeks later. Any chance you might bump into him in the halls of power and pass along my query?



Hello! Sorry about that - I don’t think Tim checks here all that often and he’s been away for a bit too I think (I missed the original request or I’d have told you sooner - my bad!)

Let me see what I can find out - and in the meantime, there’s a brief grower profile on our site:


Guerilla tasting series [WIKI]


Yes, TWS has more info on Château de la Commanderie than the grand total available on the web :slight_smile:

Otherwise there’s just a bit of blurb in French and an old postcard picture. Can’t even find it on Googlemaps!


We will have to let the wine speak for itself…


Hi guys, I just spoke to Tim - we don’t really have much more info than the grower profile, I’m afraid. It’s not really a property we go out and visit. So I hope what you’ve got will be enough, and as @szaki1974 says, the wine should hopefully speak for itself. :wink:


Thanks so much for chasing for me.

We will have to see :slight_smile:


What time’s kick-off on Thursday?

Today is the last day for ordering wine for Thursday delivery…


Around 8pm, but need to check on my domestic arrangements.