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Guerrilla Tasting #3 - New World Semillon - 26 September 2019



So, fairly conclusive it seems.

Sorry to the person who wanted the first week of September, but looks like we will have a few participants for the last week.

Let me check my work calendar (currently off for the summer holidays) and come back with a firm date.


@Brocklehurstj I think I was the one who had a preference for early September, but I should be OK for the last week, depending on the day you choose - Have ordered the wines already anyway, so fingers crossed!


Me too, but appreciate you have to go with the majority! Hope to join the next one :slight_smile:


I’m a bit late to this but would be up for the tasting when the date is sorted!


Of course. The more the merrier. I work at a school so mainly off during the holiday. However, I’m in on Friday so will check the calendar - currently aiming for the Thursday of the last full week in September.


Was a time decided in the end?


Oh, crikey, completely slipped my mind.

I am free on 26 September if anyone is still interested and can get the wines in on time (both appear to be still in stock).

Otherwise can rearrange for a later Thursday - I can do nearly any as I have to get back early to collect children from school, feed them into submission and wrestle them into bed. Probably looking at an 8pm start though, as they don’t go down easy!

Any thoughts?


I can definitely do the 26th at 8pm, but maybe start a poll with a few options and see what works for most?


Being semi-retired I’m easy on dates and should be able to fit in with whatever is decided. Wines are good to go at my end, the Mendel waits patiently as do five bottles of the Margaret.

Needless to say, I may have a bias on the night !


Wines ordered, so barring childcare-related disaster, I’ll be there/here. 8pm on the 26th is perfect but happy to poll etc. Looking forward to it!


So… Lets confirm in a poll. Just one option can be chosen, as I think it is best to push forward with this with the date that has already been aired.

  • Ready for 26 September…
  • Would prefer 3 October…
  • Neither works now, but up for future events

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Both now ordered. Happy with either date.


Unfortunately cannot make 26th anymore, but I’ve got the wines in so I’ll have a little tasting at some point & catch up on everyone else’s thoughts after the event!


As 7 have already confirmed, I think the 26 September is good. There is going to be more and the wines are still available for latecomers. @Brocklehurstj will be your host in the night.


Thanks for setting up the poll @szaki1974, looks pretty conclusive. Sorry you can’t join us.

Looks like I need to get researching.


Wines just ordered - looking forward to it, having missed the last two or three.


LIVE tasting will be here:


Let us know if you want to close this thread, and just keep the ‘LIVE’ one going. Not that I’d want to abuse the ‘power’, of course. :no_mouth:


With great power comes great responsibility.

Do it!

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