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Guerrilla Tasting #3 - New World Semillon - 26 September 2019

Hey all,

Following on from @szaki1974 's good work, I’ve been browsing the lists for inspiration for another guerrilla tasting.

How about this:

and this:

I don’t know a great deal about semillon, beyond that it’s in the mix for white Bordeaux and I think the Aussies do a pretty good job of it. Both have been well-reviewed here and externally and are reasonably-priced (I hope). Different countries, one of them with a bit of age so a couple of good contrasts.

Stock levels appear to be ok at time of writing - 300 bottles of the Mendel, more than 600 bottles of the Peter Lehmann.

If there’s enough interest, we can organise a date


By the way, both are showing as out of stock on this thread - sorry, that was my fault as i put them all in my basket to check stock levels, sorry!

There’s even a multibuy saving on the Aussie one! I’d order a case if I hadn’t been so profligate in the past couple of months.

I’d be up for this :clinking_glasses:

I think the fix is to edit your post to remove the word ‘Historic’ from the URL, though I’m not 100% sure.

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Haha, success! Thanks :smile:


Yes, I’m interested. I’ve already ordered the Peter Lehmann and would love to try the Mendel as a comparison.

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Count me in too, as long as it’s a date I can make… Might be best to have it around September time, when people are back from holidays, etc…?

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Although I missed the last one due to annoying work issues (still have the wines!), I’m up for it except for 4th, 18th or last week in September. Interesting wine choice!

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If @laura could confirm when the September #twstaste event is scheduled, we could make sure we do not clash and we could also then do the poll with the potential dates. It would appear we are decided on the wines, so would also be great to know what the wines for the August #twstaste event will be so wines could be ordered together for anyone who wants to do both…


Thanks for the reminder!! :smiley: I’ll get onto that for you today. :wine_glass:



I’d prefer the first week of September if at all possible (any date but the 4th), but we’ll see when @laura schedules the next TWSTaste.

So, a quick update on TWSTaste:

AUGUST: it’s going to be on the 15th, and we’ll be able to reveal the theme and wines on Monday. :smiley:

SEPTEMBER: it’s going to be on Thursday 12th, and it’s a Portuguese theme. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps for now?!


From a purely selfish point of view, it would be great if the Guerilla tasting can take place after the September tasting, as I’ll be away in August. But obviously, let’s go with what the majority can accommodate!!

Thanks @laura,

So, trying to do a poll to see what the preferred option would be. I’m away for the second half of August so can’t do before then, which leaves us with shortly before the September TWSTaste or after it (middle 2 weeks of the month currently looking best for me).

Wasn’t going to get specific on dates, but due to other commitments, Wednesdays are highly unlikely.

Hope I’ve done it right, look forward to seeing the results.

  • Between TWSTastings (1st week of September)
  • After September TWSTaste (probably last week of September)

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So, fairly conclusive it seems.

Sorry to the person who wanted the first week of September, but looks like we will have a few participants for the last week.

Let me check my work calendar (currently off for the summer holidays) and come back with a firm date.


@Brocklehurstj I think I was the one who had a preference for early September, but I should be OK for the last week, depending on the day you choose - Have ordered the wines already anyway, so fingers crossed!


Me too, but appreciate you have to go with the majority! Hope to join the next one :slight_smile:


I’m a bit late to this but would be up for the tasting when the date is sorted!

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Of course. The more the merrier. I work at a school so mainly off during the holiday. However, I’m in on Friday so will check the calendar - currently aiming for the Thursday of the last full week in September.

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Was a time decided in the end?

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Oh, crikey, completely slipped my mind.

I am free on 26 September if anyone is still interested and can get the wines in on time (both appear to be still in stock).

Otherwise can rearrange for a later Thursday - I can do nearly any as I have to get back early to collect children from school, feed them into submission and wrestle them into bed. Probably looking at an 8pm start though, as they don’t go down easy!

Any thoughts?