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Guerilla tasting series [WIKI]



I’d go with that :wink:!


Great suggestion in every respect, I’m in !


Like the idea of half bottles - good choice! I’m in!


So, we have 4 or 5 interested parties. I’m sure I can convince @JamesE to participate as well (hoping he brings round supper again :slight_smile: ).

Is that sufficient? If so, I’ll place an order (because I need so much convincing to click go on a carefully curated basket!). These two bring the average bottle price down rather nicely, as long as calculations are by unit, not volume.


I think there will be more, just need to find a date now. Maybe start its own thread.


:raising_hand_man: I’m up for this too!


Always more than happy to drink your wine @Brocklehurstj… impeccable taste and all that.

I can certainly bring supper. Although, if it’s only half bottles, I might only bring a starter. Or even just nibbles!


Sounds good, I have both at home, full bottles though.


Is anyone up for a Guerilla tasting (#5) on 19 December 2019? It would be the Hans Igler Classic Blaufränkisch 2017 and a very exciting comparison that is likely to appear on the list on Monday in short supply. Let me know if you are in.

  • Yes
  • No

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I am currently unsure - though this is completely my sort of comparative tasting!

It’s one of the dates I might be hosting colleagues for a pre-xmas party, so until I know for sure, I can’t commit. I’ll vote either way once I know. :+1:


Hmmmm…… I really wasn’t fan of this Blaufrankisch, it would depend on what the other wine was.


There is a good chance you won’t like it then…



Maybe … depends on how the election goes. There’s a chance I’ll be a full-blown alcoholic by the 19th, in which case I won’t be buying for taste.


Save some for me. I’ll need the same sort of medicine.


Okay, it’s on!

So if the worst happens on the 12th, we’ll have a Guerilla Guerilla tasting, and see how much of this we can get through before breakfast:



I’m in! :wink:


Oh God, that brings back teenage memories…that and Merrydown… :crazy_face:


This is the second wine… will leave the poll open for a little longer for the 19 December (I will order the wines nevertheless).

The other wine is this btw, so we have everything in one place.

#TWSTaste: Burgundy grapes, Alsace style [7th Nov 2019, 8pm]

That should be a fascinating comparison. Looking forward to it !

Will hold my single bottle of a 2012 Blaufrankisch from Slovenian producer Dveri Pax until after the tasting now.

Thanks for organising too, nice one.