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Guerilla tasting series [WIKI]

So, we have 4 or 5 interested parties. I’m sure I can convince @JamesE to participate as well (hoping he brings round supper again :slight_smile: ).

Is that sufficient? If so, I’ll place an order (because I need so much convincing to click go on a carefully curated basket!). These two bring the average bottle price down rather nicely, as long as calculations are by unit, not volume.

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I think there will be more, just need to find a date now. Maybe start its own thread.

:raising_hand_man: I’m up for this too!


Always more than happy to drink your wine @Brocklehurstj… impeccable taste and all that.

I can certainly bring supper. Although, if it’s only half bottles, I might only bring a starter. Or even just nibbles!

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Sounds good, I have both at home, full bottles though.

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Is anyone up for a Guerilla tasting (#5) on 19 December 2019? It would be the Hans Igler Classic Blaufränkisch 2017 and a very exciting comparison that is likely to appear on the list on Monday in short supply. Let me know if you are in.

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I am currently unsure - though this is completely my sort of comparative tasting!

It’s one of the dates I might be hosting colleagues for a pre-xmas party, so until I know for sure, I can’t commit. I’ll vote either way once I know. :+1:

Hmmmm…… I really wasn’t fan of this Blaufrankisch, it would depend on what the other wine was.

There is a good chance you won’t like it then…

Maybe … depends on how the election goes. There’s a chance I’ll be a full-blown alcoholic by the 19th, in which case I won’t be buying for taste.


Save some for me. I’ll need the same sort of medicine.

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Okay, it’s on!

So if the worst happens on the 12th, we’ll have a Guerilla Guerilla tasting, and see how much of this we can get through before breakfast:



I’m in! :wink:

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Oh God, that brings back teenage memories…that and Merrydown… :crazy_face:

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This is the second wine… will leave the poll open for a little longer for the 19 December (I will order the wines nevertheless).

The other wine is this btw, so we have everything in one place.


That should be a fascinating comparison. Looking forward to it !

Will hold my single bottle of a 2012 Blaufrankisch from Slovenian producer Dveri Pax until after the tasting now.

Thanks for organising too, nice one.

Anyone up for another one of these?

I managed to miss out on the Chianti tasting and I’m not sure about the Rioja for the aged to perfection tasting.

If there’s any interest or suggestions, please post below.


Yes… if it is before 16 July and one or two of these wines:

Adega de Colares Arenae Malvasia 2017 50cl
Langhe Riesling Poderi Colla 2018
Fistful of Schist Pinotage Barbera Swartland 2019
Muscadet Sevre et Maine La Haie Fouassiere Le Clos du Chateau L’Oiseliniere 2014
Muscadet Sevre et Maine Goulaine Betes Curieuses 2013
Half bottle of The Liberator Napoleon Bona Part Three Paarl 2001
Grahams Blend No 5 White Port

Okay, that is a bit selfish…

What about an interesting pair from the upcoming fine wine list and to schedule it for September (again selfish)?


Hmmm, I have the Liberator sweetie and the 2014 Muscadet. Would be great for supper, just not sure how to squeeze those 2 into a coherent tasting. However, I’m away for much of August, so September works for me.

Probably best to wait for the fine wine list, but I’ve got a couple of ideas if nothing springs to mind:

Que Syrah Syrah - Rhone Vs NZ
2 of 4 wines around £12/13

Carry On Carignan - France Vs Chile
1 of 2 from Languedoc - Roussillon Vs De Martino La Aguada (bit more expensive at £16-19)