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Guerilla tasting series [WIKI]



This is a WIKI (all can edit this title post) to track in one place the Guerilla tastings that are being organised in parallel with the #twstaste events following a similar format. The table below is a intended as a record of all past, present and future events.

The plan is to rotate hosts for these events and therefore would be grateful if interested members could put their hands up to volunteer as hosts for future events.

Guerilla Tasting #5 - Blaufrankisch old and new - 19 December 2019 8pm

I’d be happy to act as host although I lack the IT skills that most take for granted these days and therefore might not be the best candidate !

For sure, I’m looking forward to seeing what’s available in future lists and offers and for their potential in future tastings.


Happy to host also :wink:


Passion for wine and enthusiasm in organising are more important, can help with ‘IT’ if necessary…


Thanks and appreciated. I have the enthusiasm and passion. Less sure of the organisational skills though. Still, I’d be more than happy to give it a go.


This is so great to see! I hope you don’t mind but I’ve shifted it into the Get Involved category as I think this is a perfect example of you all coming together to shift this Community up a gear! :smiley:

I might (if you don’t mind?) attend some of these as well - not as Society staff, though, just as an enthusiastic wine lover! :slight_smile:


My wines have arrived so really looking forward to this tasting :+1:, (along with tonights).


Updated with the second event now


Nice to see a shoutout for this series in the ‘My Society News’ that came through the letterbox today.


I was going to suggest that (edit by @szaki1974) against this as the next guerrilla tasting

2 new world single varietal semillons, one with a bit of age at around a similar price, but sounds like they’re too well-known already

Weekday drinking thread [22-25th July 2019]

I think that is a very good idea.


You got the job! :wink:

Incidentally, the Mendel one was ‘Wine of the Week’ on Jancis’s site recently and had a very good review (obviously).


This may also be an interesting comparison with the Mendoza…


you can fight it out with @philip_currie:wink:


Oh, yes… forgot about that!
Two heads are better than one…? :slight_smile:


Or two future events are better than one…


I currently have both so I’m in :sweat_smile:


You want a 3-way!?!

I have a bottle of that in the rack so could easily use as well / substitute one of the others


I’d quite like to see a Vermintino/Rolle/Pigato type tasting… but not sure theres enough choice on the site.


For Vermentino you’ve got Pays d’Oc, Corsican, Sicilian and Piedmont (Favorita). Don’t know about Rolle or Pigato though