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Guerilla Tasting #5 - Blaufrankisch old and new - 19 December 2019 8pm



Those who follow the WIKI might be already aware, but this is to confirm that the tasting of two vintages (11 years apart) of the Hans Igler Blaufrankisch is on. Hope to taste with you on 19 December 2019 at 8pm. The wines are:

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Dammit. 2006 is sold out.


It was in short supply… there was a bit of heads up :wink:

Happy to split my bottle.


Not being able to make the simultaste, I opened the 2006 yesterday. I won’t put impressions here and spoil the party (can a non-blind tasting have spoilers?) but thought it might be helpful to note that my bottle had some very fine sediment (as well as tartrate encrusted on the bottom of the cork).

I’m sure it won’t come as a surprise, but recommend anyone opening the 2006 stands up well ahead and decants. Hope you all enjoy.


I definitely won’t be able to join in, @szaki1974 due to other plans clashing. My apologies!


Is there anyone planning to do this tonight?


Sorry, I won’t be joining you tonight, I’ve only got the '06


I am! Are we expecting a low turnout?


I think yes… I will taste in any case.


Both wines poured here… I think it will makes more sense to go paralel for comparison. I only Coravinned the 2006 (a generous portion), for obvious reasons had to open the 2017 (decanted half of it in a screwcap half bottle for after Christmas…)


Sounds like a plan — got both poured here, 2006 been in glass for a little while


It might just be two of us, but let’s take a poll who is taking part.

  • I am here tasting
  • Interested, but not tasting

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Sorry, late in from work - just opening the 2006 now!


Remarkably the colours are very similar…

Let’s swirl and sniff…


Interesting - my 06 is decidedly garnet, the 17 ruby… like a picture in a textbook!


might be the lighting here


the 17 is quite pure cherry on the nose… the 06 has something extra, trying to find a word…


17 gives me rose petals, black pepper hints, crunchy berry fruit - yes, cherry


The 2006 seems a little more garnet than the Ruby 2017 in my glass…


06 is dried flowers - violet maybe, & a real earthiness, even mushroomy - wet soil. Then dried cherry & cranberry