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Grüner Veltliner


Have been lucky enough to visit Vienna to see Christmas market (using excuse helps my daughter revise her German gcse ) and tried a number of Grünet Veltliner whilst here. Never ventured onto it before - really enjoyed it. Which ones on the WS list should I try - hoping it does not turn out to just be a case of wine on holiday tastes better than at home !!


Hi Chris

You’ll find some useful Gruner advice here:

Of the bottles discussed in the thread, I’ve since tried the Pepp and the no longer available Rainer Wess Wachauer. Both enjoyable, but the Wess was superior. The Exhibition GV is in the fridge waiting for the right moment!


We like GV a little dryer than is conventional so the Society’s suits very well.


I usually get excited when I see screwcap bottle with a red top and white strip through it as it will be Austrian and it will be tasty :smiley:


I have just bought 18 bottles of the Society Gruner Veltliner and have been very disappointed -sadly there are many better examples out there - I was especially sorry as it was my first WS purchase!
I suspect the Exhibition selection may be a better choice.


Can I ask what in particular were you dissatisfied with ? We’re you expecting a more complex wine ? Was the taste profile not to your liking ? What were you expecting the wine to taste like ? Just interested :thinking:


It was rather light and thin compared to other examples of the grape I have tried - the best way I can think of describing it is “faint” a bit like when a printer is running out of ink and you can’t see the print distinctly - if that makes sense. I have to say however that WS have been more than fair in responding to my comments.