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Growing old with wines for comfort


In our late 70,'s we no longer buy for the long haul but rather for every day drinking and entertaining. There must be many of us of the older school who are not only senior but also budget conscious. Here the Society wins by a great margin and I for one am so happy that i joined all those years ago. Now the society’s claret is our daily tipple, with occasional more expensive treats. We still enjoy hunting reasonably well priced whites from everywhere from France to South Africa and beyond - we are seldom disappointed.
Would love to hear from fellow ‘oldies’ what tickles their fancy for every day drinking especially now our palates and noses are not what they used to be.


My Mam is in her mid eighties and still enjoying her wine and her wine soc membership.

My Mam likes highly flavoured whites and she drinks a lot of NZ Sauvignon Blanc. I do try to encourage her to try different things but that is her go to white of choice. I did persuade her to try this which she did enjoy

Mam is also a sherry drinker and her favourites are these


She is also a fan of Alsace wines, Muscat and Gewürztraminer in particular. She loves Pinot Noir reds, all Malbecs and Claret as long as it is not tannic.

I’m 61 and though still enjoy a wider variety of wines than my Mam, I think my palate is changing and I’m less able to detect nuances that maybe I used to. Still buying for the future but that future is a ten year window not a twenty year plus window. So the fact that the top notch clarets and burgundies are now out of our price range is not a problem😀


Indeed. When a wine is touted for keeping because it will be reach optimum drinking in 10-15-20 years time, then I know it’s not one to trouble my wallet.

My palate also is not as it was some years ago. The nuances of the new fashionable white blends are lost on me.

TWS clarets are very enjoyable. Ch Lary 2015 was tremendous, but sold out so quickly.

We have pasta with a tomato and aubergine sauce or puttenesca most weeks and with that we always have

Been buying it regularly since 2006


According t the website there’s never been a better time to buy a bottle :slight_smile:

£7.25 Bottle
Was £87.00 SAVE £79.75

Shome mishtake shurely?:zipper_mouth_face:



Trebles all round! :rofl: Thanks for spotting - asking some colleagues to fix!


Nonononononononononono leeeeeeeeave…


Hi, totally agree with the ‘not buying for the long haul’ any longer. However, and this is an important message for the slightly younger amongst us, buy wine in your fifties and sixties that will mature and be ready for drinking into your seventies and on. I did it to some extent and that means I can enjoy an occasional special bottle that is mature and ready for drinking. I don’t have enough (inevitably) and I’ve become very popular among friends who like to pop around to enjoy a glass or two. But, at the end of the day, one of the joys of wine is to enjoy it with friends.