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Grosset riesling

Can the WS team let me know why Grosset’s Polish Hill Riesling has not been available? It was a regular purchase for me as each vintage was released?

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Can’t answer your question, but as you’re obviously an enthusiast…

I know these last for ever, but I’ve got some 2013’s tucked away and was planning to start opening in the next couple of years.

Too soon?

Dare I say you’ve come to the wrong place, if you want a response from TWS you are probably better off writing to member services and asking for an update/answer to your question.

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Do you really want to know why TWS does not have any, or do you just want to lay your hands on some?

If the latter, there are plenty of other places in the UK to buy from, and if it helps I could send you a list.

I drank my last bottle of the 1998 last year and it was sensational. The Polish Hill just gets better with age, so the longer you can ignore them the better! I stopped buying with the 2010 vintage precisely because they ideally need 20 years to fully develop. Tempted now to get some more as I understand the average life expectancy has gone up since :slight_smile:


Ours or the Polish Hill’s?


I believe there to be an inverse relationship between wine coverage on the Community and life expectancy, in general :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


That was one of the first bottles from Grosset I ever tried ( £10 then ). Having just checked my index of wines it was a victim of vinfanticide back in June 2002, oops !

It certainly struck a chord as I remember where it was bought, Oddbins Fine Wine in Farringdon Street ( along with their Chardonnay and the Watervale bottling).


The few times I passed the Oddbins store on Farringdon Street there was always something really interesting! Oddbins was such a treasure trove - I remember vividly being so excited buying the '90 Thalabert on offer for something like £7.50 - only wish I could have afforded to buy a case at the time.

The Grosset Polish Hill is still a great buy I’d say, even though it hurts when we used to pay around a tenner in the days.

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