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Grill Masters

Thanks Joy lovely indeed. I’ve stayed the other side of Blaye and always enjoyed it, another to add to my list of destinations if/when get back to travelling!


With the weather being so mild down south and having spent a few hours on a motorway awareness course through the middle of the day ….one more outdoor cook and why not.


Nice char!

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Does anyone with a Kamado have a recommendation if a rotisserie is worth the extra money??

I have an Aldi one and usually spatchcock my chickens which turn out very well ….so I’d say not really needed

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My (beer) drinking companion got one in the summer and was highly enthusiastic. Apparently rolled pork with crackling was a high point, ditto roast chicken. HOWEVER when the Lady lapin & I went round for a demo of the chicken, the dripping fat seemed to have flamed, resulting in greasy blackened exterior and ‘less cooked’ interior. Which was very tasty.

Moral of the story seems to be that the rotisserie does work, but you have to get it set up right.

And it helps if your son-in-law (to be) has invented a device that regulates the temperature via a meat probe, an app, and a fan fixed to the air intake at the bottom of the egg.

Personally… I also go down the road of spatchcock cooking, weighed down with a foil wrapped engineering brick.


Was his grill set up to cook indirectly …you could put a pan to catch drips

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This is what I thought initially, but then isn’t the whole point of a rotisserie that it enables you to cook on direct heat without burning?

Can’t quite get my head round how and when you would actually need to use one…

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This was meant to be a video it’s on kamadojoe on instagram …
Kamado Joe shared a post on Instagram: "Happy turkey day! Today we are celebrating by using the Joetsserie with cherry chunks. How are you preparing your turkey? 

📸 @lakecitybbq". Follow their account to see 1878 posts.


i have seen it sucessfully done in a weber indirect. Closer than normal, with the coals piled 5cm away on either side. You still get the heat but not so intense

That makes sense - then you can still have a drip tray to catch the fat. Might have to look into this!