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Grill Masters

As per the posts in the weekend drinking thread I was not sure if there is a topic for BBQ or not so here we are!
All things BBQ


@Tomh kick off with your tomahawk

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Thanks @Rafa here’s the tomahawk I did today on my green egg

Cooked to 42c on probe rested for 10 mins and perfect medium rare.
Look forward to seeing what everyone’s up to on their bbqs in the coming weeks/months hope everyone shares recipes and tips!

Thought I’d also share my pulled pork do, one of my faves and always goes down a treat moth my homemade jack Daniels bbq sauce!


Bone in shoulder great bark …. I love my kamado … revolutionised my outdoor cooking


We were like children last night and put our corn on the cob onto bamboo skewers and held them over the fire - fabulous. I thoroughly recommend ‘Mexican Street Corn’ for those that haven’t had it (corn, feta/cheddar, chilli jam, fresh coriander). If only we could remember where we put the telescopic skewers :thinking:


Sounds really good!

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What about the Kamado has changed things for you?

Quick grill last night of these chunky lamb chops……delicious with a glass of St. Emillion.


Can slow cook over hours …. Much greater temperature control leading to more economic use of charcoal
Multi use cooking pizza and paella too
Can I recommend the INKBIRD IBT-4XS BBQ Thermometer


Going to try these sometime


Slaps BBQ sauce available on the worlds largest shopping catalogue also….Amazon!

There’s a million and one sauces out there like gins lol I’ve made my own powder rub though

Couple of Poussin with Souvlaki seasoning / Olive Oil and lemon, indirect slow cook.


Looking for a new charcoal BBQ and have been looking at a Weber kettle one, but I have an irrational fear of losing grilling space due to a circular grill…

Does anyone know of any good rectangular equivilants of these? The ones I have seen all look rather flimsy.

Not cheap but I’ve got my eye on a PK360. Supposed to be very good.

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I have the model below and I can honestly say that the impression of the bbq being small is just an impression.
I have cooked for 12 people using this bbq and it was more than capable.


The shape is part of its effectiveness, and like @Rafa I have never felt out of space in the years I’ve cooked one one.

Love a Weber and if I don’t end up with a kamado that’s what I’ll be getting for my next one.


I’ve got the same and I love it. Comfortably cooked for 10-15 on it many times.

Potentially a bit snug if you wanted to do a particularly big full packer brisket on it but can’t think of much else it couldn’t handle.

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Any thoughts on the Weber Summit Kamado?

There’s no way a thin metal Weber style bbq can build up and keep the heat in … 2 inch of clay absorbs heat and regulates it …imho