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This is my first post on the Community! I have loved all the different discussions so far. I am sure there is a place on here to discuss this, but I wanted to give a shout out to Grenache as a grape variety. During lockdown I used the time to “discover” new wines and had a few bottles from “Domaine of the Bee” in Roussillon - really special wines. Then a few weeks ago on TWS website I spotted a bottle of 2009 Guigal Gigondas - absolutely spectacular…smooth, smoky and absolutely singing at £20 a bottle.

They say Grenache is the Pinot Noir of the South…I am not sure about that but, in the right hands, it is special. Does anyone else share my enthusiasm?


Welcome @jlabrey! I too enjoy Grenache in it’s many forms, whether as a varietal or in a delicious blend. Some of the most enjoyable Spanish Grenache wines have a very fresh and moreish character while those from the Rhone have a much richer, more complex flavour. The only problem can be the high alcohol levels.

Hope you enjoy being involved and sharing your wine discoveries.


Yes, I like it too. Have you tried the version by David & Nadia? Really delicious.



OK, not 100% Gn, but pretty darn fine.



Another other Spanish Garnacha too. There’s some great ones from around Madrid as well as some great old vines from other bits of north eastern Spain.


Hands up here too for Grenache. I like the Domaine Jones Grenache a lot. Tends towards the Spanish juicy end of the spectrum rather than the Rhône style and none the worse for it.


Young spanish garnacha is cracking stuff - all hail Zorzal’s £7.50 wonder.

I’ve bought some of their more premium aged offerings, but I’m yet to open them.


Katie Jones’ Grenache is a lovely wine. Juicy and Summery.

Perhaps my favourite Grenache, though, is the one Taras and Amber Ochota make in Southern Australia. So unusual and delicious.


Another fan of this grape here.

That Ochota Barrels The Fugazi is special. Only had one bottle but it was memorable, must try and get some more.

The band it’s named after are also quite something - some classic albums and possibly the best live band I’ve ever seen.


Honest Grapes are selling it at £33/bottle. They are v reliable, if you’ve not tried them. I bought loads of it early this year :blush:


Sadly the price puts it into occasional one off treat territory for me atm. Got my bottle of 2014 from The Sampler so might try them again, but Honest Grapes are a good outfit as well so might look at a mixed case…

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They have Shellac (syrah) and Slint (chardonnay) bottles too. Will keep an eye out for them all. Honest Grapes website seems to be broken at the moment.


I’ve become a little obsessed with finding these styles of Grenache from the south over the last year or so, I’ve learnt that it’s all about sandy soil and old vines when trying to find the more elegant Châteauneuf-du-Pape wines. Raymond Usseglio’s Cuvee Imperiale and the wines from Domaine/Chateau des Tours often remind me of good Pinot.

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This is very good:


Big fan of both the band and the grape!

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Love Domaine of the Bee wines. About to open a bottle of The B Side. Just finished their Carignan too and that was gorgeous!

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I bought a case of Daniel Landi, Uvas de la Ira 2015 a couple of years ago. I’m half way through it and it’s excellent stuff. Here’s what Jancis said about an earlier vintage…


Just been reading about David & Nadia and am very tempted to try some. Thanks for the tip!

I did a Zoom with them. I didn’t love their red blend (though it’s also decent) but the Grenache and their single vineyard Chenins are excellent - they have ‘the touch’, that much is clear. And they seem to be nice people, too.