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Grenache/Garnacha wine suggestions


Hi all,

I’m after a few suggestions for some good Grenache dominated wines. I initially thought of the Priorat only because I haven’t tasted any wines, from that area, but then of course there are so many nice French ones too I suppose.

Background is I don’t think I really like young Grenache based wines - so on the basis that if you don’t like a wine, then you’ve not tasted the right one I thought I ask for your thoughts perhaps for some aged ones too.

I had the 2010 Cayron a few months ago and really liked it.


Priorat is a good call but comes at a relative cost. Montsant is the neighbouring value area and make some similar (Grenache blended) wines at a lower cost - so I suppose it depends on your budget and motivation. At last time of checking TWS had no Priorat but several Monstsants available. My disclaimer is that i have only ever tried older Priorat and loved it but have tried younger Montsant and liked it

We also tried a Cellar de Capcanes Cabrida (2004, so again bottle age) this year which was quite something

I’d also consider some new world offerings. Clarendon Hills (McLaren Vale) do some great Grenache but many do need some bottle age

One of my favourite young(ish) Grenaches of the last year or so was the Besson Vineyard Birchino Grenache, Central Coast (2013) which had a wonderful purity

Maybe not as many young Grenache suggestions as you asked for but some I’d say are certainly worth seeking out


Grenache is overrated, the good ones are only good, because there is some other grape blended… Syrah and Mourvedre in Southern Rhone (among a lot of others) and Carinena in Priorat (the best priorat wines are 100% Carinena anyway…)


Cellar de Capcanes Cabrida is good. I have a bottle of it older than 2004 lurking somewhere which may be over the hill now.

However, Grenache needs something else with it. Hence the best southern Rhones tend to have a significant dollop of Syrah and/or Mourvedre. CnDP which is too Grenache dominant is often quite flabby and alcoholic.


My favourite recent Grenache would be:

Or some Vacqueyras Granache Syrah blends are very good. I particularly liked:


Well I have had some lovely Grenache only wines, there were some great ones in Australia when I was there but very few are exported, and some very good Spanich Garnacias, this one is out for sometime over Christmas, I’ll let you know what I think.



Agree with @cerberus - some of the best reds I’ve ever tasted have been single-varietal Grenache. Would be very interested to hear how that 2012 Tros Negre is showing.

As for recommendations, Lupier’s “El Terroir” could be an option if you fancied trying an old-vine Spanish Garnacha. Been impressed with it over a number of vintages now and offers very good cold-weather drinking :slight_smile:


Great suggestions many thanks.


One of my favourites


Should also try the various mountain Garnachas from central Spain for a very different, and much lighter and more ethereal, Garnacha experience from the Priorats (and even the Lupier). TWS sometimes sell Telmo R’s Pegaso, and other merchants do Jimenez-Landi and Comandante G.

Another gorgeous one to try - far more Pinot in style than what most of us would think of as Grenache - is David & Nadia Sadie’s Grenache.


There has been a lot of activety in these areas to save many old vine Grenache vineyards as many were grubbed up.
When I was in Rioja eighteen months back I had a very good low cost Garnachia from Sierra Cantabria and brought back a bottle of Vina Pomal 2015 Garnachia on the strength of advice, that will lay a while longer.



Might I draw your attention to Chateau Rayas and it’s 'iccle bruvver Pignan?
These are 100% Grenache wines that are unbelievably good but sadly not generally available due to their very loyal following and not insignificant price.
I sold a case of the 1990 Rayas to the Far East for a price that could easily purchase a several of cases of Bordeaux’s First Growths today.
Not that easy to get a taste though, as it sells itself, now that it back on form after the passing of Jacques Reynaud in the early 1990’s who would hide in a ditch for hours rather than encounter visitors to his chais which was fabled as the dirtiest, most disorganised cellar in the entire Rhone Valley!! But boy, did he know how to make great wine from vineyards that today would command a Kings Ransom. He died away without passing on his encyclopaedic knowledge, he was an eccentric by reputation and a bit of a recluse. I think that a nephew, Emmanuel took over and took some years with the assistance of some neighbours and great names in the valley before he re-established Rayas at the Pinnacle of CH9dP!!
So might I very politely disagree with you, there are some incredible 100% Grenache wines out there!!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :wink::grinning:


Attention drawn!

*looks up prices *

attention withdrawn…


On that note (but to a lesser status of legend) the Chapoutier Chateauneuf Du Pape, Croix de Bois is 100% Grenache and is one of the more memorable wines I have tried in the last few years. Beautiful


Yes, thanks, my comment was intentionally provocative. Rayas might be an exception to the rule… :wink:


As @cerberus mentioned there are a number of great examples in Australia, but many of those don’t make it offshore.

The best tend to be from old vines (many 80-100+ yrs) with Barossa and McLaren dominating. McLaren winemakers in particular are focusing on the variety but it was a Barossa Grenache that won the prestigious Jimmy Watson trophy in 2017 (the first time a Grenache wine won this award).

There was a great Masterclass showcasing McLaren Grenache at the London Wine Fair a couple of years ago led by Sarah Ahmed. It was the first time I heard a quote that I’ve seen repeated regularly ever since … “Grenache delivers what Pinot promises”.


For a more affordable alternative to Rayas look to A La Gloire de Mon Grand-Pere. TWS haven’t offered EP since 2012. However other UK merchants do stock… The 2012 is as good as the TWS description.


Oo, I think I got some of this in the 2012 EP. Glad I did now, looking forward to that!


Appreciate all the help - many thanks.


Swartland and some other areas in SA making some lovely, in some cases lighter grenache. Haven’t tried this but is on the long list for a future case:

I have bought untasted a case of the David and Nadia Swartland grenache 2017 based on a glowing JR tasting article - for an 18 pointer this was reasonable if you can still find it. The 2016 also got 17 points and is on wine direct for about £23