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In a tasting at the producer in 2016, I preferred the 2015 straight Santorini too - in fact it was my favourite dry white of the trip. Even that one is not cheap over here, but worth it IMO. I think 2015 was only their 2nd vintage, and they didn’t do a single vineyard one back then. The 2014 was not as good, and they said they made some changes (can’t remember what) for 2015.

I certainly like the cheaper Thymiopoulos wines, but I am not so sure about the others. And I really mean “not sure” rather than suspicious - they are not meant to be drunk young, and I have no experience of drinking fully mature Naoussa. The closest I have got is an 8yo Rapsani, which went down very nicely.

In fact I suspect very few have the ability to judge how different young Naoussa wines will develop. Even with Claret I think it is a difficult trick to pull off, and there are considerably more people with experience of Claret over a decade or more, and more wines to get experience with.


I have a feeling you might get along with Musar Rosé too. As with other Musars, it will not be to everyone’s taste


I’m curious how the young Thymiopolous wine would age but never manage not to drink them… my most frequent wine purchase by far


I’m sure @horsleym or @Freddy said there was a little bit of Thymiopoulos rose tucked away by TWS somewhere for future release, did I dream it?

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Earlier in the summer I had a bottle of the 2017 Thymiopoulos Rose, and whilst not particularly aged this had close to 3 years on it and was a joy. Definitely evolved past the pink & fruity stage to something wtih a savoury edge - wish I had more! Would be interesting to see how it would evolve further.


It’s possible you dreamt it but sometimes dreams do come true! I’ve bought a parcel of the 2019 and will release it some time next year - probably Easter time.


I oped a basic 2018 Thymiopolous Xinomavro last night - absolutely cracking stuff. Very fresh and relatively low in tannins. I don’t think I can hold off on my other bottles to see what they are like in a few years.


Was this the Jeunes Vignes? If so, I will add that I will drink mine soonish too, but am sure there is no tearing hurry to catch it before it goes downhill.

I do share @RieslingBassist’s curiosity about how well it will age, but if I always gave way to curiosity I fear I would forget to enjoy what I drink :slight_smile:


I might get a couple of those after Christmas. I’m waiting for my 2009 Musar Blancs to calm down at the moment. General consensus of opinion is that like the big brother, a few decades will be required along with a four month decant! Any views?

Interesting conversation about aging Thymiopoulos wines in the thread. I noticed that the Rapsani Terra Petra I opened last weekend had a Diam 10 so its suited and booted for the long haul.


'Twas Thymiopoulos Atma.

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Thanks Matthew. The man who makes dreams come true :heart_eyes_cat: :heart_eyes_cat: :heart_eyes_cat:


Just spotted an Agiorgitiko in stock… half tempted as one of my favourite varieties.


I have had the 2010 of this from Skouras:

It was superb and ageworthy. Have been waiting for it to come back into stock again.

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Saw this and couldn’t resist. Only one bottle to keep me busy until Easter

But got distracted by some other reds while browsing and put together a small order of wines to resist drinking over the short term.

New to me (thanks @Brentw1) Borders have a great selection of Greek wines and if you abandon a basket-load after giving your email address, they will contact you with a 10% discount code… just saying


If you open any of the Alpha Estate ones, please post… I’m leaving mine for now, as I feel they need time (based on pretty much no evidence whatsoever), but I’m happy for you to take one for the team, naturally :grin:


Naturally :smile:
If I fail to resist temptation, I’ll be sure to let you know.


Another interesting discovery this Summer in Greece with my hotelier friend was Muscat of Spina. Truly lovely. Beautiful aromatics. Hadn’t come across in the UK.

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Brilliant @Brocklehurstj and thanks for the tip re the basket. I had a good email conversation with the guy who runs it (Ken Miller) and he commented that he had noticed a flurry of orders since my original post. I like the idea of supporting these small specialists and he is definitely into Greek wine.

He said that he knows the importer of Thymiopoulos wines for the UK, more as a friend than a supplier and that she had been raving about them for years. Apparently she also supplies TWS.

Anyway, got to make some space before James shopping list leads me yet further astray!


Have just released a few other Greeks on the web. Were due to go out in a FWL feature in the New Year but not enough space so hopefully will provide some happy Christmas drinking. Cheers


OMG , I love this wine, thanks for the heads up @Brentw1 :pray::pray:

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