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Great-value lunch/dinner menu in central London?



I know the title makes it sound like I’m asking for the impossible, haha, but an earlier topic about restaurant wine lists did reveal (courtesy of @szaki1974) that Terroirs does a ‘one dish and a glass of wine for £10’ deal which sounds insanely good value.

I’m going into London with family in late-January, visiting the British Library (for a ‘history of magic in Harry Potter’ exhibition!) and the to the Natural History Museum to look at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit. (We’re so cool…)

Anyway, I need some good eateries! Terroirs is possibly a bit too out-of-the-way for this trip (nowhere near either venue) so:

  1. Is there anywhere else anyone can recommend that does a great-value set lunch menu (nice glass of wine would be lovely too!) near-ish to either the British Library or the Natural History Museum?
  2. Is there a central London restaurant that you would recommend to anyone for dinner - a hidden treasure or unbeatable value good food, or even some kind of set menu that you’d urge a group of food-lovers (who don’t have unlimited funds, unfortunately…) to experience?

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions…! :blush:

Wanted: A quiet but inexpensive restaurant in central London

I’ve been out of London for a couple of years so my knowledge of the scenes around the BL and NHM is outdated, but centrally for value for money it’s hard to beat Brasserie Zedel, just behind Piccadilly Circus. Admittedly not the trendiest place, no foraged roots and natural wine (not meant at all disparagingly, I’m as hipster as the next guy) but classic brasserie food in a gorgeous setting. Corbin and King do know how to do a crowd-pleasing resto! Let us know where you go, it’s always good to have options when in London!


I had a lunch this week at 28-50. They have 3 restaurants in London (Marylebone Lane is probably the closest to your venues but may still be too far away) and they have their menus online. The menus do vary among their restaurants. They have a set menu as well for £19.50 for 2 courses or £24.50 for 3.

Not quite as good value as £10 but they have a great wine list though, all available by the glass. One of the biggest selections of wine by the glass that you will find and that also includes a selection of fine wines by the glass using coravin.


Otherwise your best bet is to go into the Kings cross Development which is great. Lots of stuff there.


Near BL / Kings Cross:


great wine list and great food


Not super near either location, but Andrew Edmunds in Soho is relatively reasonable for food, but really stands out when it comes to wine, with a tiny markup meaning that there is some excellent value to be had! - http://www.andrewedmunds.com/

Rocca is a good shout near South Ken - always very reasonable with relatively good food and wine: http://www.roccarestaurants.com/index.htm


Was just thinking recommending the same. Awesome Greek wines too.

My favourite steak restaurant in London is reasonably close to the Natural History Museum. (I know some on this forum would not eat steak at a restaurant, but this is probably still worth it). Also good wine list.


Oh my goodness! I knew you guys were good but I wasn’t expecting responses as wonderful as this! :heart_eyes: I’m going to have a read through some of these suggestions now, but please keep any others coming - I think I might need to plan a few trips (and I’m in London again for Hamilton in April so I’ve got another excuse to visit some of these then!)


My favourite haunt in West London is Hereford Road - a bit off the beaten path in Holland Park. I’ve only ever been for dinner (lots - including next Friday) and I would definitely put it in the “hidden treasure” category on that basis - they also do short 2/3 course lunch for £13.50 (2 courses) which seems outrageous value based on the quality of the evening menu. Their wine list is eclectic and reasonable - mostly European - including good choices by the glass (e.g. a dry Tokaji - £6.50 a glass - yum!).

It’s North of Hyde Park (the Museums are to the South), but it’s still only a short trip and worth it I think.


Enjoy Hamilton… I’m going next June :slightly_smiling_face:


I second Andrew Edmunds, you can only book a week ahead,and 28-50.

If you’re stuck without a reservation there’s now 3 or 4 branches of Barrafina’s, world class tapa and good wine. You may have to queue but I’ve always got a seat straightaway at Drury Lane, which you could walk to from The British Museum.


yes, Barrafina is amazing


Have eaten in Andrew Edmunds twice recently on forays to London from the frozen north. Food was slightly mixed - very good one night, but less so the other, particularly for the sole veggie in our small group (though he was moaning about various things that night!). That was a Sunday night, so maybe a bit off form then?

Wine list is excellent though, and very fairly priced. Very strong on the Loire, red and white.

Cork and Bottle is another well tried favourite - food is hardly cutting edge, but relatively cheap, and excellent wine list by glass and bottle. Been going there on and off for over 30 years now…had to think twice when I typed that!


Windmill pub…just the best crispy pies going.



Yes ate in cork and bottle on Monday always something interesting by the glass. In this case a Barbara and a vacqueras. Food was good but basic. Burger and mussels.


Just resurrecting this thread as I’m off to London again soon with a friend - we’re going for afternoon tea and shopping and I’d love an amazing but reasonably priced restaurant to go to afterwards? Lots of suggestions here already but a few more can’t hurt. :smile:


I will throw in Bocca di Lupo, a smashng italian restaurant. Small plates to share, good wines to accompany. Make sure you get the ice cream across the street afterwards.



The Quality Chop House is very good, though you may have to book as it has been receiving lots of attention in the press and from food bloggers. https://thequalitychophouse.com


good call! depends if you are in that neck of the woods, but if you are more central there is also it’s sister: https://portlandrestaurant.co.uk/


Coincidentally I’ve just posted in a different thread about eating at the QCH last night! It was great, though not necessarily cheap.

If you are up for a bit of an adventure, you could always wander around Soho to the various places that don’t take reservations. Kiln, Kricket and Palomar are all quite near one another for instance. See where you fancy and which has the shortest queue. All three are excellent, and those three aren’t the only places.

You’ll probably want to give it some time after tea though, I always seems to stuff my face with the tiny sandwiches and can’t eat for hours afterwards!


Bocca is amazing, but it can get a bit expensive as there’s always one more thing on the menu you want to try … :slight_smile: If there’s only a couple of you, sit at the bar by the grill for the full audio-visual-gustatory experience!


Another recommendation for Andrew Edmunds - last time I was there, we had a Vieux Télégraphe ‘La Crau’ 2007 which I think was £57 … pretty much the same price as it was on offer for in the nearest available retailer! I get the impression they mark up when they purchase a wine and then don’t change the price - very commendable! And the food was pretty damn good as well :slight_smile:

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