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Great Savings Premium Selection Mixed Case


Would anyone recommend this case as I have decided to be more adventurous in my choice of wine this coming year. I have been a safety-first Southern France/Spain drinker. On first view it does appear to be a really good buy… But what do you think?


Is this the one?

I know 5 of the 6 already and they are all individually great wines. I suppose that since I know them I would personally buy a different collection to explore something new, but I would recommend them all to others who didn’t know them.

There are already two ‘safe’ Spanish wines there (the Rioja and Albariño) - do you know them?


So this is the Albarino that was tasted at the last TWSTaste event, well documented in this thread.


Yes this is the case - and I am familiar with Albarino and Rioja but not these in particular. The other wines have good write-up and the case does look like great value for money.


Thanks for the link - the virtual wine tasting event appears to be real fun and I may consider joining in on one in future.