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Great savings of up to £62 pounds a case?


I have just received another mailing from the wine society. It says as a member who has ordered Orvieto Ciassico Superiore Castagnolo Barberani in the past,You may be pleased to hear that the latest vintage is available with a £26 a dozen saving…
Its true i purchased one bottle of the above Orvieto but i found it less pleasing than the Orvieto I could get in Sainsburys at a cheaper price. So i did not order any more. I like Orvieto so i buy it in Sainsburys or Waitrose instead.
I wonder if the wines that are in these" great savings" offers are ones that are not selling so well.? I usually just buy mixed cases of wines not usually on offer. That way i can buy ones i like and try a few new bottles, So nothing is lost if i dont like a particular bottle.Our annual consumption is 100-120 bottles a year.


This particular wine (discounted by £2.20 a bottle) is in the group of ‘supplier supported’ discounts, as TWS says “generous savings passed on from our growers to you. With so many big names, old favourites and new wines our growers are itching to get into your glass”

I don’t think one can say the reason these wines are discounted is that they are not selling well. I have just bought TWS own label Montepulciano 2018. I’ve been buying cases of it since at least the 2004 vintage and it’s never run out and there’s a new vintage every year. The 2018 vintage is new.


Interesting. Thanks for the clarification.


I also got a personalised letter based on my previous purchases of the Society’s Barbera d’Asti.
I was pleased with this personalisation and will definitely be taking advantage of the offer. Whether the discount is due to “supplier support” or for any other reason is of no importance to me, it is the value of the wine that counts.

I think TWS could also have highlighted a wine in the offer that I had bought from Montreuil but I understand those records were always kept separately so can’t be used for such personalisation. A pity as almost all of my non-en primeur purchases were from Montreuil until it shut.


My letter had no personalisation, presumably because I have never bought an unmixed case from TWS. There have been years when I have bought one case EP, of something exceptional as a treat, but I thought one of the advantages of TWS was that it offered good wines by the bottle, and with age, which other merchants only offer in cases. For 2 people drinking about half a bottle a day, minus dinners out, weeks away, etc., buying wine by the case would be boring. I would be annoyed if TWS goes more over to selling by the case.


I only buy mixed cases. Though i buy about 120 bottles a year,


I don’t think so, indeed quite the reverse.
When I was a wine merchant we did “supplier supported” discounts and we only got such deals when we already had reasonable sales of the relevant wines. The way ours worked, and I assume TWS is the same, is that we would do a deal with the producer/importer/wholesaler (supplier) that if we, the retailer, buy a certain number of bottles within a certain period we would get a lower than usual price. There may be several such tiers or pricing levels. The supplier can benefit by lower shipping and handling costs due to the quantity or perhaps they need to get warehouse/cellar space or just hit their year-end sales targets etc.
The retailer then has plenty of that supplier’s wines to shift but they can offer a discount to their customers as they have paid less than usual.