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Great hotel/restaurant for a wine lover?


I’m looking to book a night away for good food and wine. Any recommendations?



We’re off to Morston Hall, Norfolk this Saturday. Lovely place and it has a star.

Was there an area you were interested in?


Thanks for that. Well I’m in the midlands so anywhere that’s no more than a 2 hour drive preferably :grinning:


If Norfolk fits, there’s also the Neptune at Hunstanton, also with a star, and comfortable.


The Lygon Arms and the Dormy House in Broadway are both very good, but maybe too near home.


I really liked Lygon Arms, but don’t think the wine offering is particuarly special. Sister hotel Chewton Glen is much better on that front, but very spenny.


I haven’t heard much about this place, but this list gets me excited (and seems decent value, too) http://theharrownews.co.uk/WINE/Web%20Winelist%20Updated%20260718.pdf


I know people who have been to Hambleton hall who say it is fantastic. Michelin starred for over 30 years. Certainly best wine list I’ve seen for a while and reasonable value - markups look about 2x retail.


That’s quite a list! Wonder if they have rooms and the foods any good?


Been to Hambleton. It’s lovely. Its a little thing but there’s no tea making in the room, so you have to pay room service. Odd how much that grated.


I took Mr Laura here for his birthday last year after recommendations here on The Community:


It really was wonderful - and the taster menu with matching wines was perfect for wine lovers! Although the last couple of courses are a bit of a blur… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
They often do pretty good-value deals too, and it’s about 2 hours from Birmingham so hopefully not too far?

There’s some other similar recommendations on the original topic here:


All fantastic recommendations, some I have been looking at already!
Lots of food for thought. Thanks all


budget ?

Le manoir is amazing…can eat there but stay elsewhere in Oxford


Forget about the winelist at the hotel. Find a good place with good food, then ask what the corkage is, and take your own. I’m frequently surprised by nice places with very reasonable (£15-£20) corkage. Much better value than buying from their list.


Ate there last year. Lovely place but not the best 1* I’ve ever been to. We had a bottle of the fabulous Leon Barral Faugeres.


Just to add Hampton Manor, in Hampton in Arden. Beautiful house, 1* and a very interesting wine list.


Thanks for all your recommendations. I ended up going for the Manor House hotel, Castle Combe. They gave a very nice looking tasting menu and great wine list :grinning:


Been there too. Lovely spot.

Make sure you do the garden



Oh that’s good to know! Any other tips feel free to send :grinning:


The sister hotel


Has an equally great wine list … Same cellar… And costs a bit less.