Graticciaia 2018

This has just popped up in my e mails. Curious how these marketing mails work as I cant see a thread for it, yet. So i presume i have an “early” e mail. The Burlotto e mail was delivered at 13.42 on day of issue, by which time everything had gone. Appreciate not apples/apples but curious…

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Possibly the burlotto was just generally available and so subject to going out of stock vs this being in-bond and allocation based.

I’ve got 6 * 2016 graticciaia. I’ve only had one bottle of 2013. Is it one to drink youngish or leave late?

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The Burlottos were available for sale on the site (someone flagged it up here) at least a couple of days before I received the email (yesterday), and went OOS yesterday.

The Gratticiaia is a First Release, my observation is that people tend to post about those either on the First Release thread or the dedicated thread for that country (Italian Inquirer in this case), though doesn’t look like anyone posted about it elsewhere before you. I also received the Graticciaia email today.


Appreciate there is the difference between a generally available wine and an EP/First release offer - that was my poorly expressed intent in the apples/apples phrase. I blame going down with C19 again :grin:

I was mainly letting others know about the offer, given that the marketing e mails are,in some circumstances (Burlotto in this case for me), so late as to be counter productive.

Graticiaia has for the last 2 releases (16 and 17) had a separate thread, albeit in en primeur rather than First Release. I don’t often create threads so stuck it in the first place that seemed sensible.

IRO of drinking windows I suspect others will know better than me @Leah @Rafa @Winestwit @lapin_rouge from memory. My only experience has been with the 2010, from memory (drunk around 4/5 years ago) this was very full and powerful in that ripasso sort of way and I felt needed longer. I have one bottle left which I was going to try in 2025. FWIW WS window 2014 - 2020 CT dates 19 -27 :man_shrugging:


Is that last 2015 meant to be 2025? :wink:

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Cheers Mike! :person_facepalming:

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Both ! but not in between.

I also had a 2013 (excellent) and on the strength of that bought some 2017’s. The bottle I opened recently was far too rich and smooth, primary fruit on the way out whilst complexity not yet arrived. So I’m leaving the rest of the 2017’s a few years.


I had a 13 in 2020 and thought it was superb and on that basis bought some 17 but not touched any of it.


Hmm… I might regret this, but open a bottle next weekend.


FWIW although demand was high my order has been filled :+1:t4: