Grappa - it's better than Gin you know

Having followed the Gin chat with one eye half open, I’m wondering why no-one ever mentions Grappa on the forum.

Also nothing on offer from TWS…:disappointed:

My reasoned arguments for opening this chat therefore are as follows:

  1. It’s made from grapes

  2. it’s bloody wonderful

I have been drinking this for the last few years (not the same bottle)

and am very happy with it but would love the kind of insights and advice for grappa that I see being bandied about on the subject of gin which leaves me feeling like this:


I fixed the gif (love it)

Happy to share the tutorial - but you can find it here

As for grappa, I know many who love it, but it is a bit strong for me. By the same token, I’d love to explore the world of Orujo & Patxaran :slight_smile:

Have you tried this? A fave from a fave grower of mine. I know it’s not strictly grappa, but similarities abound.

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I’ve had a bottle of that Marc in my basket for ages now - must push the button on it soon…!

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I agree - really excellent and also reasonably priced

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That’s the very brandy I lamented in a previous post that I feared was being discontinued. It’s one of my favourite digestifs ever. Good stuff indeed.

And to the OP, I love grappa. Not the easiest to find but so much variety exists. I’d really enjoy knowing more about what’s out there.


I’m very keen on Bocchino Gran Moscato, where the floweriness and sweetness of the muscat grapes make for a very satisfying digestif.

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