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Grandfather's Acacia Casks?

Unusually the text on a wine’s back label was a topic of discussion last night. We had this wine

The back label reads in part

‘matured in grandfather’s acacia casks for 18 months.’

Were, we wondered, the casks those used by grandfather when he made wine, those made by grandfather then or recently, or made from acacia grown by grandfather?

It’s obviously important enough to the winery to state on the back label, but the winery website mentions only oak, there’s no mention of acacia - or grandfather - and the fact sheet on this wine says only that it has ben matured for 12 months

in a large wooden vat

Anyway, the wine was cracking good, so tip of the hat to Grandad :wink:

And the back label amused us…

I don’t think so…
because there is no mention of Grandfather, Acacia, Cask or the wine in the topic in which it is supposed to be similar to

Your topic is similar to…
A great line up of wines at the AGM last night - thankyou
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Jun '18 - Just wanted to say I thought the line up of wines last night was absolutely fantastic - Thankyou to all who yet again put so much work into making the night at QEII so wonderful. Done my purchasing - such a treat. Sam


Interesting: a bit of research brings up that Acacia is an American tree, but the French grow it and sometimes use for barrels. Each barrel only lasts 5 years or so due to difficulty in cleaning & build-up of bio contamination (so not sure how that works with ‘grandfather’s barrels’) Seems the barrels are used far sauv blanc because they impart very little vanilla or oak notes. Historically they are also used for balsamic vinegar.

Also, and this is most important. At Chateau Lapin we have a Black Locust tree (same timber) by the front door - must be 25 years old and never flowered.