Gran Reserva Rioja

Anyone tried this?
Seems good value for a 20yr old red.

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Yes, very nice and quite youthful.

Have a look on excel wines they have a few good ones too

I had one recently and it’s very good. It’s probably still got a year or two left but I don’t think it’ll be getting any better. I’d have said it’s quite an oaky style, which I’m happy enough with!

Is it better than the Exhibition 2001 Gran Reserva, which was the Cvne Imperial and has been wonderful - I’m keeping my last bottle till the end of the year. By comparison the Exhibition Gran Reserva 2004, also from Cvne, has been rather disappointing. I’m certainly tempted to try the Lopez de Haro if it’s still available.

Yes - opened a bottle of the Lopez dancing monk,last week & commented favourably (another thread) - as @tom says, quite youthful. I could have sworn it was a reserva because it had that style… but having checked the empty it IS G.R.

Thanks everybody I’ve order 3 bottles coming on Monday along with 3 bottles of Kumeu River and 6 bottles of Brocard Boissonneuse Chablis. If you like Chablis and haven’t had the latter give it a go. I loved the 2018.

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