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Grabenwerkstatt GV Offer

There were two different wines, one for £20, this one for £26

Sorry got it ! Graben, so they did manage to find some more !

Ah… bollocks.
I was busy.

The 2019 GVs sold out in a very short time at L&W as well, who would have known?!

Just appearing in reserves today …

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There seems to be a bit more of the Grabenwerk now.

I think it’s limited rather than 2 bottles left (there seemed to be 2 bottles left both before and after I ordered a bottle).
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Thanks @NW_passenger managed 1 bottle which will be a nice introduction as I’ve not tried it before. Looks out of stock now, so must have been v. limited qty. Apologies to others that might not have got an order in!

Threw in an Au Bon Climat Santa Barbara Pinot Noir 2018 and a Ridge East Bench Zinfandel 2018 as a safe pair of order fillers to hit the £75 mark


Wachauwerk is available elsewhere


I like this website a lot :grin:

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Back in stock


Yes, only a few bottles though!


Missed yet again!!

Shakes fist to sky like Charlton Heston in Planet of the Apes


Website tells me there are still 2 bottles available

Erm… I didn’t realise but I had one in my basket. Bought it with some other things. It came up with some sort of exception and code and I’m now not so sure.

However I’m fairly mellow because @Freddy 's other discovery Bründlmayer was in stock when I noticed- and I’ve got four bottles of it coming.

And oh, wow. I didn’t know that Bründlmayer did the society’s Gruner. Argh!


Yes! Brundlmayer do our Exhibition GV. They make such good wines. Which of theirs did you manage to get? The pinot was in briefly and is out again but there’s more on the way for next month just as a heads-up!


The 2016 Brundlmayer PN is superb - I am considering very carefully when to draw down the rest of mine because it seems to me to have the stuffing to get better, but straight from release it had a lovely mix of approachability and complexity, great balance and length, really very good at that price point. I will keep my eyes peeled.

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@Freddy , as soon as I saw the Bründlmayer Pinot was in again I nabbed 4 bottles. I’ve had one bottle from the previous year after your recommendation and quickly ordered a few more. It’s lovely stuff. As soon as I saw he’s doing the GV I got some of that

I may get some more of the Pinot, given that it’s so lovely and if he was growing that in Burgundy I hate to think what he could charge…


You said it better than I could. I’m just holding on to see just what can happen to it over the years. Hence getting a load of the 2017 so I can actually exercise some will power!

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I also like the Brundlmayer PN. Since it’s out of stock and the Wineglass Bay (aka Freycinet) Louis is in stock, I might bend the thread to suggest it as a similarly fragrant alternative (again I haven’t had the current vintage, but I did drink a bottle of the 2017 when the 2018 came into stock - I have so far managed to resist, but wouldn’t have done if I didn’t have several bottles of the 2017 remaining).

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Thank you @wine.arbitrageur, really appreciated.

I wanted three, saw that the minimum order for free delivery is £95 so ordered four only to find that the quoted price included VAT, but the free delivery was an ex-VAT thing so ended up with five… :+1: :sunglasses:

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