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Graacher Himmelreich 1990,Spatlese, Fredrich Wilhelm Gymnasium


I recently had a Prum 2012 Spatlese and I think I should have hung on (although it was still lovely). JJ Prum wines are certainly keepers!


It depends, many kabinett wines don’t change that much, I have recently opened a 2010 Schloss Lieser and a Maximin Grunhaus 2007 kabinett both were as fresh as the first time I opened them a couple of years after vintage, in most cases spatlese and ausleses show marked differences over time changing to dark yellow and deeper flavours and continually evolving, kabinett not so much, they are after all at the lower level of quality but many hold up the freshness of the vintage so well and make better everyday drinking.


Opened a bottle of the 2012 JJ Prum Graacher Himmelreich tonight - glorious stuff, never had anything quite like it… to be that light and that complex at the same time is remarkable!

Perfect start to the new year


I managed to convert my dad to Riesling a couple of years ago, he always though that it was going to be sweet and he wouldn’t enjoy it - as is the usual misconception from the 80s.

I would however exercise caution in who we tell how amazing German Riesling is - there will be less stock to go around! :rofl: