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Goodnight Ma'am

I’m not a royalist by any measure but even grumpy old me notices when an important event passes my nose. So here is my toast to HRH and I’ve even used English wine too. Well done to the Lindo’s by the way. Excellent bubbles!

How will you be toasting her?


I toasted HRH with a bottle of Henscke which is by no means my usual tipple. I have a feeling that the Queen was a bit of a G&T girl.
I shall toast Charles III with something, QE II is a hard act to follow, he is going to need all the luck he can get.


I believe she had her name on the Bollinger royal warrant! Perhaps a bubbles girl too?


Gin and Dubonnet, ISTR. A couple of those would get the party going.


Before lunch no less…

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I hear from a reliable source that pink gin was her tipple. Might try making one of those at some stage - belated though it is!

Surely we should toast her with a bottle of this (coronation year and all that):


Not sure the budget quite extends that far though…

I am going on Ho;iday on Monday to the east coast , Bad timing perhaps but there wont be many people on the roads.

On that topic, what would be a good Queen themed drink?

The lazy answer is something own brand from BBR with the royal warrant. Although I bet there will be a few SA/Aus/NZ wines that have a Cuvee Elizabeth (or similar!)

Billecart-Salmon Cuvée Elisabeth (Salmon) 2008 perhaps

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If you can obtain it Mount Pleasant Elizabeth Hunter Valley Sémillon would be appropriate. It was made to commemorate the first visit of a reigning monarch to Australia. There is also a Shiraz called Philip.

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