Good Move or not?

There’s been a few on the market recently. Is this the VCs wanting to start cashing out?

There won’t be much to cash out from £2m


On the plus side (maybe) it includes approx 45,000 bottles of wine. Yay!

On the minus side, those hoping to make a quick buck by developing & selling on the estate… will note the ‘overage’ clause of 30% for 20 years.

A bargain if it can be converted to a boutique spa / restaurant with accommodation (which will cost AT LEAST another £1M+ to develop) . But perhaps not viable if the buyer wishes to run it solely as a vineyard / winery ?


Sadly there are no sexy Pinots or Chardonnays planted, just the old fashioned and poorer quality Germanic varieties. A bit job to sort that out!

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Chilford Hall has benefited from wine tourism in the form of vineyard visits and tastings, which both currently take place on land the seller is retaining, but would lease to a new owner.

They’re keeping the valuable bits too.