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Good Christmas table wine? - La Rioja Alta Vina Ardanza Reserva


Hi all,

Have noticed that we currently have this Rioja with a £2.50 bottle price discount, tempted to get a bottle or two for the Christmas table (not sure if its too early to start buying wine for Christmas!).

I see in the notes that its aged enough to be a Gran Reserva but can’t be labeled as such, I think even at £22 its a pretty good option as that is the sort of price the Musar I had last year it at.

Has anyone had this yet? Its a 2009 so its a good vintage as well.


I think @tom has had it…


I have 6 but not tried yet, but I’ve had the 2004. It’s fab. Would make a great Christmas wine.


This is why I am really tempted to get some, saying that there is also this Gran Reserva from 2004 for £1 less:


If you’re looking for a fully mature Rioja then the Urbina GR '04 this is a good example. I tasted a lot of mature stock with Pierre a few months ago for an upcoming Spain offer (which this is included in) and my tasting note was: ‘Brick red, fleshy, plum fruit and sweet liquorice, very mature - nice curio. B+’

I’ve bought 3 bottles of the Ardanza and intend on leaving them for a year at least as '09s will mature slowly but are delicious now.


Last week I tried the 09 Ardanza in Ganbara, San Sebastien, with wild mushrooms. I can confirm it’s a lovely wine, but I think I’ll leave my stash for later.


Thanks for that, just noticed the drink date for the Ardanza being 2024 vs 2020 for the Urbina - sounds like I should get the Urbina for Christmas and buy a few of the Ardanza to lay down for the following next few Christmas tables!


2001, 2004, 2007 and 2008 were lovely. It’s a consistently great wine. The best of the three reservas they do IMO


I have drunk and loved the 2004 and have 2 of the 2009 laid down. Tempted to add to them but I really can’t justify it just now!